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5 Best Duvets/Quilts You Can Get in Singapore

Picture this: you’ve just taken a much-needed shower after a long, hot workday. You put on your pyjamas and slide under the silkiest, coolest, most comfortable duvet ever. You know for a fact that heat isn’t going to be a problem, and that you’re in for a great night’s sleep.

That’s what every night looks like when you sleep with a quality duvet! If the culprits of your sleepless nights are heat, sweat, allergies, or bad smells…the right duvet just might solve all of them.

You already know where to get the best bamboo sheets in Singapore. But do you know what the best-quality duvets in the marketing have in common? What does a quality duvet look, and most importantly, feel like?

Singapore best duvet article

Here’s Everything You Should Look For in a Quality Duvet

The ideal duvet should be:

  • Comfortable in all seasons. You shouldn’t have to put it away during a whole season and use it only a few times a year.
  • Free from harmful chemicals. The duvets you sleep on should not only be comfortable, but safe. Chemicals like formaldehyde, found in most traditional duvets, can be harmful to human health in the long term. You don’t want that!
  • Protected against harmful bacteria. We don’t often think about this when we buy duvets or any bedding, for that matter. We think they’re all 100% clean, when in reality, they might be contaminated with fungi and bacteria. Even if they’re brand new.
  • Especially in the hot Singaporean weather, you’ll want to purchase bedding that makes you feel embraced and protected, while also keeping you cool and fresh during hot nights. Yes, it’s possible to have both at the same time.
  • Of course, they must be a perfect fit. You’ll want to make sure that the duvets of your choice are a perfect fit for your bed – not too large and not too small. For the purposes of this article, we’ll be using the standard Queen duvet set (210 x 210 cm) for comparison.

5 best Duvets/Quilts

Weavve Home (Queen Lyocell Duvet Set $289)


Weavve home duvet and bedsheet

Breezy. Luxurious. Soft.

Its corner loop ties will ensure the duvet stays in place all day and all night. You know, so you can get a restful and easy sleep without fumbling for corners at the crack of dawn.

Made with Lyocell fibre (100% TENCEL™ Lyocell Sateen) and OEKO-TEX® certified, Weavve brings you the comfort of knowing you and your loved ones are sleeping safely. Because their duvet inserts are hypoallergenic, rest assured that there will be no place for allergies or eczema – as long as you’re sleeping on a Weavve.

Not only that, but their duvets are treated with the SYLVADUR™ advanced antimicrobial technology, which offers a superior antimicrobial protective layer for up to 50 washes. If you’re worried about odours and potential mould infestations when storing your duvets, know that this product is able to fight odour-causing bacteria, mould, and fungi. It also prevents the duvet from becoming discoloured and faded over time.

Comes in sizes: Single, Super Single, Queen, King.

Heveya® Organic (Queen Duvet Set $488.00)


Heveya home duvet and bedsheet

Breathable. Hypoallergenic. Fresh.

The Heveya® Organic Queen Duvet Set is made in Germany with the “highest quality organic cotton and bamboo Lyocell fibre”. It feels just right on the skin, while absorbing moisture and not allowing heat to be trapped under the bedding.

Because of the breathability of Lyocell fibres, the duvets are unable to retain a lot of heat, making them ideal for hot summer nights and those who can’t sleep uncovered. This duvet set is perfect for those living in Singaporean weather, or anywhere where heat is the prime indicator of a sleepless night.

In addition, Heveya® duvets (and all of their products) rigorously meet The Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS). Their GOTS-certified organic cotton fabric meets all of the necessary criteria throughout their bedding products’ whole production cycle. According to the creators, “that’s all the way from soil to cotton plant to finished fabric.”

Their products are also OEKO-TEX® certified.

Comes in sizes: Single, Queen, King, Super King.

HyggeB (Bamboo Tencel Lyocell Queen Duvet Insert $238.00)

Hygee B home duvet and bedsheet

Silky. Long-lasting. Cooling.

Because this duvet insert is made with 100% Bamboo Lyocell, you already know you’re in for a restful experience. Thanks to its breathable bamboo fibres, your body temperature is regulated while you sleep.

HyggeB’s duvet inserts promote a cooling effect, with the protection of a smooth touch all throughout the night. You don’t have to worry about covering only one part of your body, not even during summer – these are made to keep you comfortable and cosy, rain or shine.

People with sensitive skin will love it, as it’s 100% hypoallergenic. You already know what that means: They’re Standard 100 by OEKO-TEX® certified! From the makers themselves, “We forbid the use of Formaldehyde, a powerful anti-pilling agent during the making of the HyggeB sheets.” That’s what we’re talking about. No toxic chemicals should ever be encouraged in the making of bedding products.

By the way, if you're not 100% satisfied with HyggeB products, the sellers are happy to offer free exchanges and replacements. No questions asked.

Comes in sizes: Single, Queen, King.

Sunday Bedding (Queen Duvet Insert $238)

Sunday Bedding home duvet and bedsheet

Light. Thin. Soft.

The amazing thing about TENCEL™ Lyocell fibre, as you already know, is the fact that it has an impressive moisture-absorbing capability. That’s one of the reasons it’s able to promote its signature cooling effect! Sunday Bedding’s duvet insert has a fill power of 150 gsm, which promises a protective, yet lightweight feel for the warm weather. No more heavy covers!

The TENCEL™ filling is responsible for the soft, “embracing” feeling of this duvet, without retaining too much heat. Not only because of its thinness, but because of the breathable, cooling fibres we’re sure you’ll love.

Made with Sunday Bedding’s best-selling bamboo sateen bed sheets, this duvet will give you a  great night’s sleep when you effortlessly slide under one of the softest, coolest fabrics you’ve ever slept on.

 Their fabric pilling resists up to 4,000 rubs, without the colours running or fading. How dreamy is that?

Comes in sizes: Single, Super Single, Queen, King, Super King, California King.

BedTribe (Queen Summer Bamboo Duvet $149)

Bedtribe duvet and bedsheet

Temp-regulating. Ultra-silky. Eco-friendly.

BedTribe is our brand, and we couldn’t end this article without mentioning a product that resembles and feels like bedding you’ll find in a 5-star hotel.

Say goodbye to stifling sleep, and don’t ever wake up in a sweat again. Our Summer Bamboo duvet doesn’t trap heat under the fabric, making it no match for the Singaporean weather.

The reason why it’s a favourite of hot-sleepers? Our iced bamboo fabric, which is 100% made with bamboo fibre shell. It comes in a beautiful and world-favourite ivory white colour.

It loops in every corner to guarantee a perfect fit for any bed and avoid the duvet from moving around. It’s OEKO-TEX® certified – you can cover yourself and roll around without a care in the world. No harsh chemicals here.

Bedtribe brings hotel-quality bedding to any home, on any occasion. We have a 30-day refund policy, so if you’re not satisfied with your bedding for whatever reason, you’ll have your money back. Pronto.

Comes in: Single, Super Single, Queen, King.

Summary of Prices (Using Queen Set for Comparison)


Feel like sleeping on one of those duvets right now? The first step is to compare different prices based on the sizing of your mattress.

As we’ve mentioned in the beginning of this article, we’ll use the standard Queen mattress size (210 x 210 cm) for comparison purposes. Of course, you’ll want to refer to the respective duvet prices based on your mattress and available sizes.

All links included below!

 Weavve Home: $289 - Queen Lyocell Duvet Set

 European Bedding: $488.00 - Heveya® Organic Queen Duvet Set.

 HyggeB: $238.00 - Bamboo Tencel Lyocell Queen Duvet Insert

 Sunday Bedding: $238 - Queen Duvet Insert

 BedTribe: $149 - Queen Summer Bamboo Duvet


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