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5 Gadgets To Help You Snooze

I’m going to be honest with you. I don’t have any problems when it comes to sleeping, but this could be attributable to my age, and insomnia could come back to haunt me 10 years from now. 

In our teens, sleeping could be forgone for the many late-night suppers or hang outs that we would sacrifice our precious resting time for. But we would also come to realise that, as we grow older, sleep is precious. And it has also taught us that we should never take such privileges for granted. For the sleep hungry, we’re here to help you snooze.

Smart Mattress (Magniflex Magni Smarttech)

We’re in the year 2021, and technology is at its peak. Smart beds and mattresses are all the hype for the perfect sleep and the innovative minds behind Magni Smartech has successfully managed to revolutionize the beauty of good sleep through their magnificent bed system that helps you to not only monitor your quality sleep, environment, body temperature and even respiratory rate: all the elements of the perfect sleep.

The mattress is entirely controllable from the comfort of an app, and you may choose various positions that suit your present need. From reading to zero gravity modes, the mattress helps you to optimize the best position for rest, smooth breathing and blood circulation.

Additionally, the mattress provides other functions that assists in promoting your well-being, in the form of active snoring detection, which will automatically change the user’s mattress position and chromotherapy, where users are able to customize various light options to obtain the ultimate relaxation mode.

The bed is currently retailing at S$27,275 and you will be able to find out more here.

Air Purifier (Aromarest)

Designed to cater to the 3S of Sound, Sight and Scent, the highlight behind the invention lies in the passion to create better sleep and establishing healthy routines. The device serves the purposes of being both a light source, speaker and aromatherapy diffuser; 3 functions for the price of 1. The light function allows for the simulation of both sunrise and sunset, completely adjustable according to the user’s preference or users may choose to opt for various preset modes, designed for enhancing sleep.

The device also comes with two separate diffusing bays for morning and night use and the speakers can be used for playing white noise or ocean sounds to help the user easily assimilate into a sleepy mood. The device also boasts to house a sleep tracker, which will better help with ensuring that your sleeps are consistent and of high quality, rendering it one of the better products in the market.

The device currently retails for S$199 but is unavailable at the moment due to overwhelming orders, so do keep a close lookout for restocks here.

Smart Pillow (Somnox)

The highly raved and reviewed company Somnox has received extensive recognition when it comes to their best-selling product, the Somnox Smart Pillow. Focusing on ensuring that your breathing flow is the most important factor there is to sleep, Somnox encourages their users to take control of their sleep by trying out their product, which comes with active sleep tracking and assists in helping users fall asleep faster and have better quality sleep.

Produced with drug-free solutions and with the most natural way possible, the company also provides weekly live classes, teaching users how to optimize their product and relive stress and anxiety which are conducted by professionals in the field. The pillow also comes with a 2-year warranty, so you can be assured that your concerns will be relieved should you present with any queries.

Good things typically come with a hefty price tag, and you will be able to get your very own Somnox Smart Pillow at S$802 here.

Sleep Ring (ōura)

I would have never imagined that in 2021, typical accessories like rings could be useful to help users get better sleep, never in a million years. But ōura has done it. They have managed to implement advanced sensor technology in the form of a mere ring, such that users will have easy access to their health insights, from the ease of an application, and essentially size down what you can get from a smart watch into a smart ring.

Boasting with 7 days’ worth of battery life and weighing only 4 to 6 grams of durable titanium, the ring is suitable for daily use and is waterproof, which you can conveniently use to track calorie loss during swimming sessions. Fully customizable with a 2-year warranty period, the ring is also scratch-resistant, perfect for clumsy individuals like me.

The 3D accelerometer, temperature sensor and photoplethysmography function on this small but mighty device will be your saving grace to a desired minimalistic lifestyle that many covet.

The ōura ring is yours at S$396 here, and shipping will only take 1-2 weeks before it arrives at your doorstep. 

LULLY: The Sleep Guardian 2 (For Children Only)

Intricately designed to counter and reduce night terrors in children, this device is most helpful for parents out there. The device has been clinically tested to be both safe and suitable for children’s use and operates by sending gentle vibrations under your child’s mattress to prevent the occurrence of night terrors. It is concurrently operated with the use of an application, and only requires parents to answer simple and short questions with regards to their children’s sleep behavior and occurrence of their sleep terrors.

The device also allows for multiple device connectivity so not one but both parents are able to have access to the device when in need. Further, the device also logs activity in the form of a journal so a deeper understanding can be formed when it comes to the child’s progress. Though this presents to be a novel idea to many, the device has received high regard and raving reviews from many so you may take them into consideration when you’re seeking for plausible solutions.

If you’re looking to get the LULLY sleep guardian, a quick search on shopping platform Carousell will provide you with many options at various price points (S$100-S$200).

Earlier, we’ve also shared on the benefits of using essential oils for better sleep, so you can check them out here as well.

With one more article left for the month of February, you can look forward to more bedding related articles as we move towards the month of March.

Lastly, we here at Bedtribe would like to wish you a prosperous Chinese New Year and of course, a romantic Valentines Day ahead!

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