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5 Instant Upgrades To Your Home

Basking in the world of technology and a society that encourages living a minimalist lifestyle, we come to find that one should not dwell in the past but rather, do their best to move forward and be receptive of the new things in life.

From digital door locks to artificial plants, find out how these small additions can make a big difference to your home. 

1. Steigen

Crafted with technology hailing from Germany, Steigen has become growingly popular with their products, ever since they landed in Singapore. The brand proves themselves worthy with their durable and maintenance free products that ensures quality each and every time.

Being their most popular product, their automated laundry rack is equipped with solar heat technology, which ensures the best clothes drying experience, irregardless of the weather outside, and keeps your laundry allergen-free with their ultrasonic technology, effectively eliminating unwanted bacteria and keeping your clothes germ-free and clean.

What’s more, Steigen offers complimentary site visits to your home in order to recommend the perfect accessory for your home.

From the basic Flexi model that carries up to 35kg to the newest Solar Alpha, you can be assured that they will be able to address your needs! Additionally, the website has a neat comparison table so you can find the best product that suits your needs and budget!

Prices start from S$799 for the Flexi. Check them out here.

2. Fridge Organizer Apps  

While we speak about sustainability and decreasing waste, what are we really doing to counter this problem that we face daily? For starters, we could start on our fridges. 

You may ask, what has our fridge got to do with the issue? In actuality, so much. Our trips to the grocery stores and supermarkets have allowed us to become used to buying items that we do not need, or things that we already have at home. While cleaning out my fridge one day, I realised and found the many unused and expired products that were simply laying in my refrigerator, all gone to waste.

How great would it be then, to be able to keep a live update of the inventory of our fridges, and then, buy non excessively?

Popular app Kitchen Pal is just the answer. Allowing for shared shopping lists with your family and loved ones, the app keeps an inventory of what you have and provides accurate reminders on what would soon expire, to ensure less wastage. Furthermore, it allows for meal planning and gives recipe ideas on what you have to spare you the trip to the grocery store. However, the app is only available on the App Store for Apple users at the moment but fret not Android users, for you have the app Fridge Check to thank for just the same!

3. Digital Door Locks

The use of digital door locks has become increasingly popular, and these days, it almost seems like a hassle to bring your bunch of keys out. If you’re looking to significantly improve your home and your lifestyle with just a touch of a few buttons, look no further!

The individuals behind AnDigitalLock have a huge variety of products that you can choose from, when it comes to choosing your next security system. From smart padlocks to fingerprint access door locks, the choices are endless, and your home is safe again!

Prices start from S$179 so look no further and click here!

4. Robot Vacuum Cleaners

The time has come for us to realise that, even robots can do our bidding with just the touch of a button, and the phenomenon is now, actualized and normalized. I’ve seen a video of a robot vacuum cleaner falling off the ledge of a two-storey building once, and that was hilarious, but these innovations have come a long way.

With the use of soft cleaning brushes and visionary mapping, the POWERbot™ is voice controlled and very smart, with capabilities to clean well along the typically forsaken wall edges and provides accurate and up-to-date errors and updates. In fact, after doing its job, the robot will quietly move back to its spot and remain there till its next command. Remarkable piece of technology, isn’t it?

Get your first hand experience of owning one here now, and prices start from S$599 for the most budget friendly model.

In fact, we know you’ll love this article about the top bedside necessities that you never knew you needed from us too! Check it out here!

5. Artificial Plants 

Often times, parents believe that having artificial plants in your home is no good thing, and if anything, we should opt for real ones instead. But that belief is hard to keep, and awfully hard to manage over time.

What would seem like an empty and cold room could actually be brightened up with a beautiful artificial fiddle tree to tie the room together, or a beautiful hanging plant to brighten up your balcony, the choices are endless, and very maintenance free.

With local brand and pioneer Vanda Win, they seek to render quality service when it comes to the quality of their plants and provide you budget friendly options to help you in beautifying your home.

You may choose to engage your services to build you the most perfect green wall for your selfie taking sessions, like that of in the famous Jewel Changi Airport Mall, or have the most extravagant Christmas tree down the street, comparable to those you may find along Orchard Road.

The company also does decoration services for any form of celebrations and festivities, even for wedding ceremonies, to make your event hall look like a garden fit for a princess.

Check out their website here and don’t forget to contact them for any queries.

Thank you again, for reading this short but succinct article from us at Bedtribe and we hope we have inspired you to dress your home up today! Do look forward for more interesting topics coming up and have a blessed weekend ahead!

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