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5 Top Bedroom Design Styles in Singapore

Whether you’re looking for inspiration to design a new bedroom or want to give your HDB bedroom a full makeover, we’ve got five styles you can pull inspiration from.

The following are five of the most popular design movements -- all of which can bring a simple bedroom to life.

1) Scandinavian: Bright, Fresh, and Neutral











Scandinavian interior design gained popularity around the early 20th century.

This type of design welcomes natural light, which increases the brightness of the space. You’ll see large or multiple windows doing most of the work in letting the light flood in. As for the fresh aspect of the space, it can be accentuated by white or light grey walls.

A Scandinavian palette relies mostly on neutral colors, although subtle pops of color are welcome. As an example, the green of plants helps bring this type of design to life

Sheets colour in white and blush would compliment a Scandinavian design style.

2) Minimalist: Elementary, Spacious, and Simple










In interior design, minimalism became popular in the 1960s and 1970s.

As the name suggests, minimalism follows a “less-is-more” approach by valuing freedom and space. Especially for smaller HDB bedrooms, a minimalist design can make it look larger, brighter, and cleaner.

Uncovered windows would be ideal, as a big source of natural light is capable of “opening up” the room. Also, monochromatic color schemes featuring colors like whites, beiges, and greys add to the elementary atmosphere,

Most importantly: make it simple, but significant. As you already know, minimalist rooms contain only the essentials of that specific room. For a bedroom, this would be a bed, bedside tables and lamps. Some bedrooms are stripped down to these elements only, while others still add art (also following a minimalist design) and a couple of plants for accent.

Neutral colour bedding would perfectly matches a minimalist approach.

3) Victorian: Ornate, Antique, and Fancy











Most popular in the mid 1800s into the 1900s, this type of design is the most sophisticated of the five.

Contrary to popular belief, Victorian-style bedrooms don’t have to look dark and spooky in any way. Adding a modern twist to it could make your bedroom the most charming room in the house.

You’ll want to focus on ornate elements, such as chandeliers, bed skirts, four poster beds, and patterned drapery. Tufted or ornate headboards and ornamented furniture are more than welcome. If you’re into antiques, this is the place to use them.

For a Victorian-style palette, you don’t need to focus on neutrals if you don’t want to. Moody and bolder colors, like dark greys, caramels, or even reds, can make this style even more true to its nature. However, what defines this style is the ornamentation.

If you’re not ready to go all out, you can combine a more modern style with a few Victorian touches -- particularly on the bedding, which should definitely be the showstopper.

Our iced bamboo sheet set in the color rust can give your bed a much-needed color accent.

4) Industrial: Bare, Raw, and Smoky

The popularity of the industrial style goes back to the mid 18th century. This type of design is inspired by the look of industrial work structures, such as factories and barns, for instance.

 For this reason, the essence of industrial design is exposed ceilings, as you can see in the picture. Typically, the materials used to recreate the ambiance of an industrial setting are brick, wood, metal, and concrete.

 Highlighting combinations of the above on the ceiling, walls, and accents creates a stylish bedroom that proves raw materials can be striking.

 Neutral palettes that consist of gray, black, and white, or dustier tones that borrow shades from brick and metal, are ideal for this style. For bedding, try to invest in smoky tones, like grey or navy.

5) Modern: Functional, Sleek, and Neutral 

Last, but definitely not least, the Modern design style we see often brings back the simplicity of Scandinavian design. With a few twists. 

What makes a modern space “modern”? First, it must be functional and easy on the eyes. The less adornments and clutter, the better. This is true especially when it comes to avoiding drapery in order to brighten up the room.

Furniture relies on clean lines and geometric shapes. Monochrome and neutrals make a comeback in modern style, although pops of color can break the overall “seriousness” of a room.

On a final note, feel free to experiment. You can incorporate different elements of each design to create a bedroom style of your own.

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