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Bedsheets: For Sensitive Skin

I don’t know about you, but I am always one for comfortable and cooling bed sheets. But I also have sensitive skin. I’m talking about sensitive, like real sensitive kind of skin. And honestly, it sucks, because all the cool and comfortable bed sheets out there always seem to have hefty price tags.

Needless to say, I decided to get what I could afford, until I realised the importance of a good bedsheet. Poorly made bed sheets strive to provide products at the lowest cost possible, without putting in much thought, the user experience and needs of the customers.

So, this is for all the people who have equally sensitive skin, or just looking for tips to get your next quality, sensitive skin suitable bedsheets! Trust me, it’ll be worth quite a read.

When it comes to sensitive skin, the number one thing we have to avoid are irritants. Hence, we should always keep a lookout for hypoallergenic products.

You may ask, what exactly are hypoallergenic products and how would they qualify?

For one, hypoallergenic bedding products are effective in eliminating dust mites because of the tightly woven fabrics that have been used in the careful production of the product and as a result, the amount of dust mites are significantly decreased, and it also means for a much cleaner and fresher sleeping environment (which is very important!)

No one is a stranger to the COVID-19 situation now and working from home feels like the new normal. The amount of time we will spend in our rooms and on our beds have since intensively doubled or even tripled! Hence, it is very crucial to get better-quality products that will do you good, even in the long run.

Other than bed sheets, the other components of the bed are equally important as well. Who could forget about our mattress protectors as well? Always aim to get mattress protectors that support impermeable backings because they often use fabrics that are chemical, dye and synthetic free! 

For eczematous friendly beddings, we first have to understand that eczema is not an allergy so choosing hypoallergenic beddings will not be the only solution to a good night’s sleep! Alleviating the symptoms of eczema will be best when you choose cotton bedsheets! But take note! Not all cotton bed sheets are good. Take a closer look at the specifications of the product and you will realise that not all products are fully cotton! You will be wanting to look out for high quality, organic weaves of cotton that comes without chemical additives.

Washing your bed sheets often is equally important as well, for bacteria and dust typically builds on surfaces after a period of time. Individuals with sensitive skin would be encouraged to wash their sheets once every two weeks and opt for materials which pride themselves on durability as well.

Not forgetting color, for the colour of your sheets matter too! Reasonably, lighter shades of colours like white, pale or light gray are suitable colours for sensitive skin for they contain less dye and fragrances, which will only contribute to the sensitivity of your skin.

For tips to deal with stains, check our article here for great tips that will bound to leave you stress-free when it comes to dealing with stains.

When shopping for sheets and even blankets, look for the following:

 1. Cotton Sheets 

Considering how many baby clothes are made from organic cotton, you know it’s safe to use. And for mummies and future mummies, remember to take this down! Organic cotton is wonderful to use, and even after use, it remains harmless to the planet (because there are no dyeing agents present in the product). Happy baby, happy family!

Also known to get softer after each wash, cotton is one of your best bets to having a good night’s sleep and getting the maximum amount of air circulation possible!

 2. Bamboo Sheets 

This might just be the best invention ever, because bamboo sheets are a blessing to a country like Singapore. Being smooth and silky like your hair after conditioning, it is best suited for individuals with sensitive skin. It is also antimicrobial, antibacterial and hypoallergenic - the trifecta to getting A+ sleep!

If you are one who sweats easily at night, fret not! Bamboo sheets are extremely moisture wicking and poses as an extremely suitable solution, especially for individuals suffering from eczema and even newborns!

Even for the eco-conscious consumers out there, this is your best choice, for bamboo sheets are sustainable and biodegradable.

You should also check out our article here on thread count so you know how to shop for better bedsheets without getting hoodwinked!

3. Silk Sheets  

A good natural fiber and thermoregulator, silk is wonderful for cooler climates as it can keep you warm even when the temperature cools and drops.

However, silk products are known to be rather pricey and typically require special care to maintain. But hey! You have to work a little for something great, that’s how you know it’s good.

4. Linen Sheets

One of the top-quality, favored kinds of fabrics for sheets are linen sheets. Naturally anti-static, linen will stay cleaner for much longer as it also repels dirt better. Presenting with a natural vibe and look, wrinkles come along just nicely. For all the lazy people out there, this also means that no ironing or straightening is required!

Linen is also highly durable and is able to withstand frequent washing, so this means: Allergies be gone!

 Our team here at Bedtribe believes in the best for our customers and urge you to love yourself a little more and invest in something good for you and your family. 

Once again, thank you for taking the time to read our article. We hope to deliver quality content with every article so stay tuned!

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