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Bedside Necessities You Never Knew You Needed

The minimalist look is in now and keeping your items to a minimum looks so aesthetic, not to mention the hassle-free cleaning process. But we have to admit, there are a few things that we still need, at least right before we sleep.

So, on that note, here are the top 4 bedside necessities you never knew you needed, that is, other than the bedside table (hehe).

  1. Bedside Table Lamp from Xiaomi x Philips 

A huge must, for a table lamp might be your only source of light after you turn off the light in your room while getting ready to sleep. That warm, light glow that you see right before you sleep may be more important than you think.

You may be wondering,

Of course, I know I need a bedside table lamp, how is that included?

Well, you may know you need a lamp, but do you know what kind of lamp and light is good for you, right before you sleep?

Experts say lights with warm, yellow tones may be more suitable than the normal white tones for us before we sleep as the warm tones will lull us to bed much easily than their counterpart. As such, when you are choosing a potential bedside table lamp, be sure to always look out for details like this!

We at Bedtribe recommend the Xiaomi Philips Eyecare Smart Desk Lamp 2s from Xiaomi x Philips.

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Retailing at just S$55.90, you will be able to adjust the brightness and intensity of your light with accordance to your preference, however bright or dim you like! Also, for the elderly, the adjustable feature on the lamp will be able to cater perfectly to their reading needs as well! Featuring dual light sources and an eye care mode to protect your eyes, you will be able to use this baby for both working and sleeping! 

For those who are unable to sleep in total darkness, this may just be for you as well! Having a glimmer of light may make all the difference for your sleep.

  1. Wireless Power Plug and Line Tracks from Line8

I’m not going to lie; I’ve been thinking about this for a while now. Following the minimalist look, what’s better than the wireless look? 

Wires laying around your bedside may present with more than an unsightly, un-aesthetic image but also a fire hazard. Especially for parents and pet owners out there, this may just be a lifesaver for you and your family. The wires from your appliances will no longer get stepped or chewed on and your home will look so much better, perfect for inviting guests over during celebrations (responsibly, of course)!

We recommend the Package A from Line8.

The package comes with a 2000mm Line 8 Power Track, of customized length, and 8 premium international adaptors that suit all your appliances, talk about attention to detail! For the price of S$810, you will be able to change your home for the better.

From choices like Ivory White Leather to Spanish Black Marble and more, Line8 has everything to cover your home from top to toe with nothing but the best! Though a tad pricey, this is an investment for your home that you will never regret and will soon pay off when you hear the many compliments that head your way during the coming Chinese New Year.  Furthermore, the seamless touch and finish of these wireless power plugs are the saving grace that you need for your home and a true bang for your buck. As we move forward to be a more self-sufficient and minimalist society and country, we understand that less is more. 

Check Line8 out here and contact them here.

  1. Google Nest Mini

A no brainer, the Google Nest Mini is a must get for new and increasing smart homes out there. Who uses switches nowadays? I’m kidding.

A wonderful addition to your home, the Google Nest Mini is so much more than what you think it can do for you. From turning on and off lights and air conditioning to turning on music for your daily moods and vibes, this little powerhouse is all you need to keep your home together with just your voice.


Retailing at S$79, it comes with 2 colors, Black and Grey, and is small and mighty. From streaming your morning hits to night lullabies for your child, there is nothing that this tiny computer cannot do!

For a typical 4 room flat, a maximum of 2 Google Nest Minis are all you need!

  1. Air Dehumidifier from Novita

As we continue the long and weary days of being mostly at home, this is a must-have. Many have argued against the use of an air dehumidifier, but they prove otherwise. The effectiveness of a good dehumidifier is able to bring about better-quality air and some experts have suggested that it may also help with asthmatic individuals. The humidity level in the room would be significantly decreased and the feeling of mugginess and heavy air would soon disappear as well, assisting and creating both better-quality air and sleep.

The lifespan of an air dehumidifier is suggested to be an approximate 5-10 years, with proper care taken, certainly. Furthermore, places that are well suited to place an air dehumidifier are places high in humidity. Even your laundry rooms and living rooms deserve one too!

We recommend the Humidifier from local brand Novita, which is both portable and lightweight (1.5kg), comes with an auto-off safety device, provides well with long humification hours of up to 18 hours, and covers up to 107 square feet of your living space. Retailing for S$113 on local platform Lazada, the purchase comes with an additional Air Purifying Solution Concentrate and Anti-Bacterial Spray!

With a total of 6 scents to choose from and various modes like sleep and silent mode for your everyday use, you will be spoilt for choice! Achieving both humification and sanitization, rest assured your home will indeed be the safest place for the family!

Check it out here and more of their products here!

We hope you like essential oils too, check out our article here for essential oil tips and tricks. 

We hope you have enjoyed this week’s article and we can’t wait for the upcoming Christmas festivities that are to come. Stay tuned for more interesting topics next week and stay well!

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