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Best Housewarming Gifts For Your Loved Ones

It comes to a point in your life where attending housewarmings would be just another day, and you struggle to think of what to get for that special friend. You had enough of the humidifiers, candles or even toilet papers, and this time round, you tell yourself it’s going to be special because you want to give something meaningful, and not something that is easy to get. 

So, you start looking for options, only to chance upon this article, that seemingly has some interesting ideas already listed for you.

Curious to find out? Don’t hesitate to read on.

1. Household Appliances 

Air Fryers

It’s 2020, and air fryers are just about the best thing anyone could have in their kitchens. Couples, especially, may need an air fryer for just about anything, really. It fries, cooks, steams and even bakes. A marvelous piece of invention for all.

If you are considering which size, because they do range in sizes from 2l to even 8l, you may have to consider the number of occupiers in the new home. Certainly, you would want to get a size appropriate appliance for them, right?


A safe choice would be a 3l to 5l one, which will typically cost you a S$80 to S$120.


Somehow during the Circuit Breaker, we have all managed to find the hidden chef or baker within ourselves and we find ourselves using the appliances in our home a lot more often. A good oven will bring you tastes that you can never get from a wok or pan, and ovens are so underrated in the kitchen.

A good oven will be the best present you can ever gift someone, and I am pretty sure your loved ones will thank you for that.

A good oven from MAYER is going to cost you S$89, but then again, so will the air fryer.

So, make your choice!

Don’t forget to seek out the e-Warranty option on the MAYER website, and ensure your loved ones get secure protection for their appliances no matter what!

Click here for the first step to register your product for warranty.

2. Kitchen Sets

Table Matters

A house can’t be a home without some semblance of living, and having proper cutlery is step one. I’m not talking about the collection of disposable spoons, forks and even chopsticks that you have collected from the regular takeaway boxes. Rather, it is certainly well to have good, high-grade quality cutlery that will ensure your family to eat well for a long period of time.

Table Matters pride themselves on providing high-grade stainless steel, ceramics and exceptional quality cutlery that will bound to leave you satisfied. Offering various colors and styles, you get to choose a set most suitable for your recipient and suit the aesthetics of their lovely home.

A satisfied customer myself, I love this matte gold set that carries some weight to itself, unlike the other stainless-steel spoons in the market. I am happy to report that it was a S$18.90 well spent.

The Moon Jar

Handmade by skilled craftsmen from Korea, the products from The Moon Jar are made with love and care for Mother Earth. For the environmentally conscious, you will be glad to know that their products are free from harmful hormone disrupting chemicals, so it is safe for families with young children, letting your loved ones know you care for them, caring for the cutlery they use.

Image Credits

A true beauty, this hand painted beauty that comes with simple, cobalt lines will bound to be a statement piece in the kitchen. Artist Kim Seok Binn has put in thoughtful consideration for the user, such that this ceramic baby was made to be lighter but more durable, suitable for every home.

Setting you back at S$46 for these babies, you may even opt to get them gift wrapped to add the extra touch of love.

Kraton Home

Based in Java, Indonesia, Kraton Home is a product of love. Delicately handmade from ethically sourced wood in Java, every piece is different and special. Each product has its own characteristic and wooden grain, making it one of a kind, and impossible to replicate.

Image Credits

This absolute beauty is perfect for the cheeseboard fanatics and comes in various sizes to suit your needs. Setting you back at $40 for a large size, this is a multi-functional board that suits all your needs.

For the extra special loved ones, you may even customize your own products with them, making their home ever so special. Check them out here.

3. IKEA Gift Card

Of course, when you have no idea what to get, gift cards are the best and easiest way to go. For the “I have no idea what to get” mood, check these out.

A Singaporean favorite, IKEA is a haven for affordable home furniture and needs. Need I mention the convenience of everything in this special home heaven? 

A perfect gift for housewarming, Christmas or even wedding presents, let the couple have the liberty to choose by presenting them the IKEA gift card. Perhaps it may be better than choosing the gifts yourself! 

The gift cards range from S$20 to S$1,000, and they are usable at the Restaurant and Swedish Food Market, completing their home shopping experience.

Shop here

Looking for more gifts? Check our article here to find out some bedside necessities you never knew you needed so they will be perfect for the homes of your loved ones.

Otherwise, gift them something special for Christmas this year and check out our article here.

We hope that with 2020 coming to a close, 2021 will be our year and we can take charge into making it count. Counting our blessings and making sure we do the best for everything; it is time to make our time on this Earth count.

Happy Holidays everyone!

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