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Cotton Vs Bamboo Sheets (What Is The Difference?)

If you have been shopping for your bedsheets recently, you might have come across the dilemma of choosing the right bedsheet for you and your family and it usually comes in between Cotton and Bamboo sheets.

These two sheets are likely to be the most common out there but what is really the difference? They sure look identical but they pose entirely different capabilities when it comes down to performance and factors that will affect your overall sleep.

Let's begin by defining the two of them.

What Are Bamboo Sheets?

Bamboo sheets, of course, are made out of bamboo fibres, it's a strong type of tree that is reputable for producing durable sheets while providing a really soft to the touch feeling. It is naturally cooler and does not trap heat inside the sheet.

What Are Cotton Sheets?

Cotton sheets come from a plant and it is used to readily make any kinds of clothing in the world. Cotton comes in many different form and varieties so be sure to understand that there are quality cotton and the mediocre ones.



Types Of Bamboo Fibres

1) Rayon

Rayon Fibres are artificial fibres that are developed by reshaping cellulose using chemicals. This cellulose extracted from the bamboo is then processed into Viscose Rayon which will then be made into your sheets. This kind of sheet is not entirely environmentally friendly due to the usage of chemicals.

2) Tencel

Tencel or Lyocell bamboo is a modern type of bamboo where it leaves no traces of chemicals and is produced through an environmentally friendly way. On top of that, it is extremely soft to the touch.

The benefits of bamboo sheets are;

1) Naturally Hypoallergenic

2) Thermal Regulating

3) Incredibly Soft

4) Resist Odour and Bacteria

You can learn more about the characteristics and benefits of bamboo sheets here

Sometimes there can be a mixture of the two and it can be 20-30% more expensive than Tencel/Lyocell itself.


Types Of Cotton

1) Egyptian Cotton

Similar to bamboo, cotton has a few varieties which can be produced into sheets and the first one which we're sure you've heard of it before is the Egyptian cotton.

Egyptian cotton is only produced in parts of the world and is considered the most premium type of cotton. It is soft and durable, however, it takes a little more maintenance and it can be more expensive compared to the other types of cotton.

2) Supima Cotton

If you are a regular patron of Uniqlo, this may sound really familiar to you. Supima or Pima cotton is being used in some t-shirts from Uniqlo and as much as they are really soft, they are not softer than the former. 

They do cost more than regular cotton (so you can be sure those Supima t-shirts you buy from Uniqlo are worth the penny) but they are less expensive than Egyptian cotton.

3) Regular Cotton

Lastly, you have the regular cotton. They aren't as bad as you think but of course, they're not up to the standards of the Egyptian and Supima. This kind of cotton is more coarse and not as durable but at the end of the day, it goes to the standard of care given to maintain the sheets.

So Which One Is Better?

The age-old question. Which one is better? Clearly both of them share similarities to the comfort of the sheets and durability. 

But don't get me wrong, comfort and durability are subjective and it depends on you. Thus, you can try both of them to see which one you prefer.

If you are unsure of the right ways to maintain your sheets, it does not matter which material you choose, they will not last.

We wrote about some tips on how to maintain your sheets, you can read that article here.

Price Comparison

Sheets that are made from Bamboo are usually going to cost more compared to the ones made from cotton and it is of good reasons. The way the sheets are processed are different and they are usually of higher quality.

Albeit you can choose the different price points of both materials.

But this is where team BedTribe comes into play as we specialise in bamboo sheets and cutting off any middlemen, we are able to offer you such affordable luxury with the high quality of bamboo.


If comfort and durability are subjective and the price is of no concern, which is the clear winner?

The only flaw that cotton sheets have is the impact on the environment due to the use of harsh chemicals such as pesticides, the consumption of water and the conversion of habitat to agricultural use.

These factors are detrimental to the environment and to give you a glimpse of how impactful this can be, it takes 10,000 litres of water to produce 1 kilogram of cotton fabric.

With that, maybe its time to take environmental factors into consideration when purchasing any products in the future because the more choices available, the more responsibility we actually have.

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