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Does Thread Count Really Matter?

You may have heard of the term "thread count" when you go shopping for your sheets, but do you really know what is it? Does it really matter?

For the conventional, yes it sure does matter because it helps you gauge whether the sheets you're purchasing is of quality, right?

Quite simply, it just means the number of threads that are woven together in a square inch which helps consumers and competitors determine and compare the quality of their bedsheets.

Okay, it sounds technically right because more threads = stronger and more durable sheets but let me pop your bubbles on this one. It is merely a term to mislead people to understand that thread count is all that it matters.

Just like all things, there are many other factors to consider before you make the call that the particular sheet is of great quality.

Mainly, there are 4 major considerations which in overall, helps you determine the actual quality of the sheet.

1) Type of material

Needless to say, this should be a priority. If the type of material used for the bedsheet is brittle, you would expect that it might tear easily when used or washed. This is exactly why high thread count is just not the only thing worth going booya about.

If you're looking for a durable material for your bedsheet, do check out bamboo sheets. Click here to learn all about them.

2) Ply

Here's where things get really interesting and it may just help fuel your knowledge about sheets and separate you from the noise of all the marketing jargon.

When you buy tissue papers, what's one thing you always consider before buying? The amount of ply, right?

This generally helps in telling you about the quality of the paper, of course, the material of the paper matters too but ply is one consideration.

Guess what? sheets have ply too. 

Image Courtesy of

 Image courtesy of

In this case, more ply actually suggests that the quality of the sheets may be falsely regarded as durable or strong.

Multi-Ply Yarn is usually a group of weaker and of lower quality threads intertwined together to form a thick and coarse thread. To the uninformed, this may seem like the best choice but it actually results in a heavier and rougher sheet.

The best choice should be a strong, fine thread in a single-ply yarn which produces a light, soft and durable bed sheet.

3) Weave


With the amount of ply out of the way, the weave is another important factor you should look at and it actually plays a huge part in how the sheets feel.

Image Courtesy of

Some of the more common weaves are Percale and Sateen but we'll introduce you to some of the more sophisticated ones.

So what are weaves and how does it affect the sheets?

The Percale weave is a traditional weave that results in a matte finish and a crisp feel to the bedsheet. It's resulted from the one-yarn over one-yarn weave pattern and it's actually really lightweight and durable.

The Sateen weave is a one-yarn over three-yarn pattern which gives the bedsheet a silky-soft feeling, however, it can feel heavier when compared to Percale which might provide more warmth.

The Satin weave has a similar name to Sateen but it is entirely different so do watch out! This type of weave are usually from high-thread-count synthetic materials such as nylon, polyester or acetate, woven or knitted together. When considering this kind of weave, look for woven instead of knitted.

The Microfiber weave is a tight weave made up of man-made fibres spun into fine yarn. This creates an ultra-soft finish and provides wrinkle resistance. Due to the tight weave, this fabric can help with water-resistant and allergen-proof, in exchange, it may contribute to unideal warmth and temperature.

4) Thread Count

With all things considered, you may now look at the thread count. But even so, a higher thread count does not necessarily mean a higher quality sheet.

 Image Courtesy of

Manufacturers often market their thread counts more than 500 which is a way to trick customers into believing that their sheets are of quality but they do not only count each thread but also each ply that's spun together within each thread.

Another interesting nugget is that the amount of thread count usually maxes out at 500 as there is a finite amount of thread one can weave into a square inch so anything higher than that is not possible.

There isn't an ideal thread count but when all of the other 3 factors are taken into consideration, a high thread count requires finer thread which in return, provides you with a soft, strong and durable sheet.

We hope that you have picked up a thing or two from this article and will be better informed when purchasing your delicate sheets in the future. 

Meanwhile, do take care of yourselves especially during such a crucial period.

See you in the next one, good night!

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