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What’s Good About Essential Oils And Why We Love Them

A word that I can think of when I walk past a shop selling essential oils is essentially overpowering. Not that it gives off a negative connotation, but rather, the experience of smelling too many at once can sometimes be a little overpowering.

But you may wonder, why then, would I, dedicate an article to essential oils? Well, for one, because it works. Subjectively, it does work, for me at least. Objectively, essential oils are in the market for a reason. Besides promising the obvious results that you’ll expect to get, you’ll find that essential oils are much more versatile than you think.

However, if you're afraid to give them a try, check out our article here for a more mellow option of candles instead! 

Allow me to share a personal experience with you guys:

My mother is a really light sleeper, and I mean it when I say light sleeper. She constantly complains of not being able to enjoy good quality sleep every single night, and that lack of energy brings forward to the rest of her day. Naturally, she becomes more irritable, less patient and less tolerant of matters. I, on the other hand, am perfectly fine. Perhaps it has more to do with my age, and the fact that I can fall asleep anywhere and anytime. Seeing her distraught has made me determined to find a solution for her and let her enjoy the snooze she deserves.

I sought out various websites, searching for the perfect solution. I tried humidifiers, but that did not work out, and now, I was brought to the world of essential oils. Though a tad pricey for such a small bottle of goodness, I purchased it. My first essential oil is Lavender, and I can’t wait to try out more! 

I am pleased to share with everyone that my mother is now able to enjoy better quality sleep, and she is now insistent that a few drops of essential oil must be dripped on her pillow every night in order for her to sleep well.

Whilst I am thankful for the result that the world of essential oils has brought to us, I have to say, it may not work for everyone. However, if you would love to give them a try, check the following shops below for affordable and good quality essential oils that will help you live life a little easier, better, and with style.

 1. Hysses

A crowd favourite, Hysses is no stranger to many of the consumers out there. A distinct and familiar aroma fills their shops as you walk past, while hoping to get some of the fragrance in your hair.

Their range of scents are unbelievable, from scents for your face to your home, Hysses has you covered. While we look further into their essential oil series, we realise that the range covers many ailments, from mental fatigue to memory enhancement, there’s nothing that essential oils can’t do! After all, they are the essence of nature.

Writer’s favorite: Chakras, Solar Plexus retailing at S$25.90 for 10ml.

The Solar Plexus is the perfect combination of the citrusy verbena and the light aroma of rose with hints of wood, creating a sweet yet delicate honey-like scent that will boost your inner confidence and self-esteem. Specifically, the Solar Plexus helps with ailments like ulcers, heartburn and even nervous disorders.

2. Kirona Scent

Locally formulated in Singapore, Kirona Scent offers a variety of oil blends made with botanical extracts and are very safe to use.

Looking at the products and prices, I must say that this is the most affordable of the lot, for prices start from a whopping S$6.90 for a 30ml diffuser essential oil (water-based). That price point is an absolute yes to my wallet. However, if you would like something stronger and more concentrated, Kirona Scent offers oil based essential oils for a simple S$14.90, a perfect one for first timers and beginners, so that they can explore their choices and see what they eventually like!

Writer’s favorite: Black Orchid retailing at S$14.90 online for 10ml.

Amongst the many that they offer, the Black Orchid boasts of a tranquilizing and anti-inflammatory purposes, best used when you feel a cold or cough coming!

At its affordable price tag, there’s nothing not to love about Kirona Scent and what it offers!

3. Flo Aroma

Sourced around the world, Flo Aroma’s 100% pure essential oil blends are concocted using 3 single-note 100% pure essential oils, which mean they are best fit for your wellbeing. Offering both blends and single-note essential oils, you’ll be spoilt for choice when you decide on the best!

Writer’s favorite: Immunity + Essential Oil Blend retailing at S$28.90 online for 10ml.

The blend consists of cinnamon, lime and rosemary, but presents with a strong profile of cinnamon to boost your immunity. Spicy, sweet citrusy and minty herbaceous, this essential oil will boost your immunity to the maximum!

4. My Pure Earth

Based in Singapore, My Pure Earth offers the highest and purest grade of essential oil available in the market for a fraction of the price! While some oils are certified organic, others are strictly grown in the wild and receive no chemical intervention whatsoever, meaning to say, their products are as natural as it gets!

Writer’s favorite: Bergamot retailing at S$26 online for 10ml.

While the bergamot originated in the cool country of Italy, it also has a powerful effect on the nervous system and can effectively relieve symptoms of anxiety, depression, fear and insomnia. This will be the easiest way to bring about essential nourishment to your nervous system and put you in a happy mood. However, do note that after application of bergamot to your skin (which is completely fine if diluted), direct sun exposure should be strictly avoided and can occur only after 12 hours of exposure.

Do look out for tips like these on the website in order to get the best deals and precautions on how to use the products!

5. Utama Spice

Another crowd favorite, Utama Spice is slowly rising to the peak of providing quality and affordable products to their consumers. With nothing but raving reviews on their website, you can be assured that their quality is nothing but key when it comes to the service and products they provide.

Writer’s favourite: Flyaway (100% Natural Insect Repellent Essential Oil) retailing at S$29.90 online for 15ml. A deal and perfect for the entire family, even your young ones!

A powerful yet fragrant insect repellent, this dual-purpose essential oil is both cruelty-free and keeps you safe from other bugs as well! Tips on usage can be found on their website and I must say, they are very, very detailed! From aromatherapy to pets, you will be amazed at the amazing range of functionality a small bottle offers!

Good news! We are excited to share with our readers of an upcoming co-brand giveaway with Utama Spice in December! Further details are to be announced so do keep a lookout on our various platforms and sign yourself up for the giveaway! Fingers crossed!

 We hope we have introduced you to the amazing world of essential oils, and hopefully, you will be keen to try out one yourself! Pssst, it’ll make a great gift for Christmas too!

 And as usual, remember to love yourself! Because you are worth it.




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    Benefits of essential oils information is very useful.Thank you.The team at Tastani Foods is solely focused on bringing oils which is real and from nature available to everyone. We have taken up this rather ambitious project of moving every Indian household from the highly processed & packed foods to the real food from nature which our ancestors consumed for thousands of years.

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