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Everything You Need To Know About Bamboo Sheets

Did you know that based on statistics, Singapore is the third most sleep-deprived country of the 43 cities profiled in a report and we are just behind Japan and India.

The company Fitbit has gathered numerous insights on sleep data of Singaporeans and we are found to get the least amount of nightly sleep on average (placing behind Japan and India) at only 7 hours and 5 minutes, 28 minutes lesser than the average of Americans.

There are a few phases of sleep and one of them is REM (Rapid Eye Movement) sleep whereby you fall into a deep sleep and start to dream.

Getting into this phase of sleep is crucial as it helps regulates your emotions, memory and it is at the peak stage of protein synthesis which means it helps repair your body to perform at its optimum level.

So how do we get into this state of sleep?

In order to get a good night's sleep, you are required to stay cool at roughly a temperature of 19°C. Now we know that's probably too cold for most of us living in Singapore but you can actually try to stay as cool as possible.

Characteristics and Benefits of Bamboo Sheets

1) Cooler

This brings us to the first characteristic of our Bamboo Sheets, it is extremely cooling and to be specific, bamboo is naturally 3 degrees cooler when compared to other fabrics.

2) Breathable

It is also breathable, this means that the fabric does not trap heat underneath as it recirculates any heat out.

I'm sure there are many of us who does not like to cover ourselves with blankets or bedsheets due to the heat and that's because our body gives off heat while the bedsheet traps it inside. 

While this occurs, it can get really warm throughout the night which can be uncomfortable.

3) Naturally Hypoallergenic and Antibacterial

Bamboo sheets are also naturally hypoallergenic and have a natural resistance to pest and fungi infestation. This means that it helps to repel bacteria and it is therefore resistant to odours too. For people with sensitive skin, this can be a huge improvement.

4) Bamboo is absorbent

Bamboo sheets are really absorbent and they can absorb up to 40% more water than cotton. Therefore, it can help with sweat absorption that's if you even sweat in the first place!

5) Soft and Durable

If you didn't know by now, bamboos are really tough and they are used to build many different things including architecture.

This is due to its strong fibres and in the context of bedsheets, the long and strong fibres are stretched for the entire length of the bedsheet which makes it less likely to tear compared to traditional cotton that uses interweaved short fibres.

As strong as it may sound, it is also incredibly light and soft to the touch. In fact, it is even softer than cotton!

6) Eco-friendly and Low Maintenance

It is possibly the year of self-heal and self-development with the ongoing COVID-19 situation, not just for us, but for the world as well.

Switching your sheets to Bamboo does not only help with your sleep but it also a sustainable and eco-friendly approach in contrast to the labour intensive cotton industry. The fibre yield per acre from bamboo is up to 10 times higher and it requires up to 20 times less water compared to cotton.



Getting a good night's sleep may not be as complicated as it may seem from trying to reduce the amount of blue light before bed to drinking chamomile tea, though these may be scientifically proven, however, just a quick change of your bedsheets should just help you rack up those hours in bed. 

Here's to more restful nights and REM sleep!

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