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Go-To Channels For Home Yoga

Now that we’re all cooped up at home like chickens, balancing work and life, exercising would most likely be the last thing on our minds to do. I know, because I’m probably talking about myself.

Though, this coronavirus situation has brought about some great alternatives, I must admit. Now, online classes are the trend, and the simplicity and convenience of exercising in the comfort of your own home ticks all the boxes.

Today, we will be introducing 5 go-to channels for home yoga, and hopefully one might resonate with you and start you on your wellness journey with us!

1. Yoga With Adriene

Yoga with Adriene was created with love and passion by none other than founder Adriene, who wished to, through her platform, bring about high-quality yoga videos to the masses at no cost at all! Talk about generosity!

Adriene’s channel has a huge variety of videos, ranging from tutorials for beginners and foundation work to higher intensity workouts like weight loss and total body yoga routines for those who seek a challenge.

Started in 2012, Adriene’s channel has generated over 758,028,722 views (and counting)! I’d understand why, as there are different types of tutorials catered to individuals with different needs! From Yoga under 10 minutes to Yoga for Mental Health, viewers will be spoilt for choice! Also, did we mention that it’s free and no subscription is needed?

Check out their Welcome Video here and their most popular video here! You can also shop for her merchandise here, if you want to complete the look and feel extra special!

2. Get Active TV

An initiative started to promote good health practices and exercises to all Singaporeans, Get Active TV was founded in 2013 and hosts many live virtual classes and cooking shows with healthy recipes, led by the most popular Singaporean fitness personalities!

The channel keeps official video records of the various sports events that our country has participated in and even has a separate playlist for seniors to get their groove on!

You will easily find easy workouts and yoga poses that the friendly instructors have prepared for you and find yourself to be following the steps rather easily.

With that, this channel may be a good start to a family exercise routine as it is suitable for each and every one.

3. Sarah Beth Yoga

Sarah Beth is the amazing founder of this yoga channel, where she teaches her life’s passion, yoga, to her viewers. She has countless videos, teaching beginner yoga, workout yoga and even prenatal yoga, for the mummies out there who wish to maintain a healthy workout routine and have smoother delivery.

Her videos range from 5 to 90 minutes, which will be suitable for each time limit that you have, ensuring that you still do that little stretch or have an intense workout yoga session right before work or even after.

She believes that yoga is a wonderful medium for you to cultivate your stronger self, and at the same time, be able to witness your growth and see results in your strength, flexibility, mind and body.

If you’re one who wishes to constantly do the same routine because you feel the best with it, fret not! The channel allows for video downloads for all videos exclusively in their app! Check it out here.

My personal favorite would be the Morning Yoga series, which I have found relatively easy and relaxing, getting my heart pumped, ready and alert before I face my day. And what’s great is I am able to wash all my sweat off and smell good at work!

P.s. Sarah Beth boasts a total of 97,716,161 (and counting) views so you know she’s good!

4. Yoga with Kassandra

Based in Ottawa, Kassandra is passionate about what she does. But her story with Yoga is the most inspiring yet. Kassandra recounts that when she first began practicing yoga, it was a way she could learn to manage her stress and anxiety. Shortly after, her passion became her occupation and now, she is proud to be a yoga teacher, guiding those who came on the path like her.

In her biography, she distinctly notes that practicing yoga has allowed her to be stronger, calmer and braver. It has calmed all her thunderstorms and has taught her to be focused, present and receptive, values we should all learn to have.

Her website and channel present various trials you could engage in, like a Free 7 Day Yin Yoga Immersion series, Beginner Journey, and even conducting free training for yoga teachers!

Her experience with the art of yoga has allowed her to share her experience and knowledge in the form of a book she hopes everyone will be able to enjoy. Check it out here!

5. Sean Vigue Fitness

For the men out there who are looking for something more relatable, look no further! Sean’s channel boasts a diverse collection of various tutorials, from Pilates to Yoga for Men and more! He has been named the “Most Watched Online Yoga and Pilates Guy” and from his vast collection of videos, we see why!

An interesting playlist on his channel, “How to Do the Splits in 5 Days”, teaches us how to completely stretch out your legs and muscles and become a wannabe ballerina! Not only that, my favorite, the “30 Days of Flexibility”, collates the best workouts for you in order to work your muscles and keep their flexible!

With too many to scroll through, you will be able to find workouts for men and women, uploaded every single week so you won’t be able to complain that you have nothing else to do!

Prior to the coronavirus situation, I was actively visiting yoga studios across Singapore, looking for the perfect one to give me the best workout. Now, with all that we have, I have learnt to look on the brighter side and I must say, not as bad as I thought! 

So why wait? Give yourself and your body a chance today and join a class, where you won’t be judged or laughed at even when you’re in the wrong pose.

But if you're too keen to step out of your comfort zone, you could give meditation a try! Click here to read our article to learn more about meditation and the best places to learn! 


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