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Mattress Protectors: What You Should Know About Them

Probably the most underrated part of your bed, mattress protectors could just be the saving grace to lengthening the longevity of your mattress and bed. If you don’t already know what a mattress protector is, allow me to let you in on the secrets in the world of mattress protectors.

Essentially, the purpose of mattress protectors is to act as a piece of removable bedding that was designed to protect your mattress. Often times, it may be mistaken for mattress toppers, which are actually designed to create more comfort than the former. If you have both, be sure to place the topper atop the mattress first, followed by the mattress protector for ultimate protection. However, if you’re curious to find out about the simple, basic and very essential piece of bedding, then you have come to the right place.

The protect aspect in mattress protectors serve a variety of functions which includes protecting the mattress and user. Using a mattress protector atop of your bare mattress allows for the mattress to be covered by a layer of extra protection, which in turn, reduces the amount of substance and bodily fluids to flow into your mattress itself, rendering it much easier to clean and manage.

Alternatively, I suppose you could imagine this: Imagine your child is in between the ages of wearing diapers and training underpants and during the night, you would certainly allow for more mistakes to be made while wearing something safer, say the diapers atop the training underpants in order to prevent leakage, right? The same logic applies for mattress protectors, where it acts as a diaper for your bed, soaking up all the bodily substances that we unknowingly excrete throughout the night, which, by the way, is totally normal and nothing to be embarrassed about. But if you are worried about stains, check out our article here to see what you can do about them!

The use of various body oils, night creams and even warm and stuffy nights may cause an increase in residuals left on the bedsheets, and eventually, seep into your mattress, which is something you do not want, considering how washing and drying your bedsheets is the worst and most tiresome chore of all, and these fluids are typically almost impossible to completely remove from your mattresses, so I would say, mattress protectors are indeed important.

Additionally, with the purchase of new mattresses, they all come with warranties for specified durations, and naturally, any form of stains found on your brand-new mattresses will render the warranty void so here’s an important tip for new homeowners: get a mattress protector whilst you are still in your warranty period for your mattresses, it’s not too late!

Here’s another example about the benefits of using a mattress protector: It feels newer for longer. Here’s what I mean: Excessive bodily fluids that we excrete will be soaked by our bedsheets, mattress protectors and eventually, mattresses. These liquids will break and wear down the foams in our mattresses, and eventually, decreases the longevity of our mattresses, which causes users to change their mattresses more often than usual, and also causes more money to be wasted on something that can be protected in the first place, very much like placing a screen protector on your new phone, in which case, both are equally as important so why are we saving on the screen protector when our expensive phone screens are at risk? Should they not be as equally important?

The use of mattress protectors also assists in user enhancement, in the sense where the use of mattress protectors actually does more good than harm when it comes to individuals with presenting allergies. The enhanced aspect of using mattress protectors and trust me when I say this because while conducting research, I felt the urge to check on my own bed and decided to give everything a thorough clean. The likelihood of dust mite infestations is pretty common and likely when it comes to your bedding and reducing that is key. With the use of mattress protectors, these infestations and allergies can be significantly reduced, and your family can be safe from these unnecessary and unwanted infestations.

Speaking of which, dust mites are capable of breeding and lingering in your mattresses for a very long time if gone unprotected, and they nibble their way to find dead skin cells that they feed on. When it comes to your children and especially newborns, care must be taken and providing a safe space for sleep should be of core importance. Hence, we should never underestimate the power of excessiveness.

If you’re super scared by the end of this article and wish to look for potential choices to purchase your first or next mattress protectors (which you should wash and replace regularly; every one to two years), check out Bed and Basics and FortyTwo for a vast selection. You can also check out our article here for the best bedside necessities you never knew you needed.

Bed and Basics

Their original, breathable waterproof mattress protectors serve as the ultimate level of protection, and it features a waterproof and hypoallergenic barrier, perfect for the disabled, teenagers, adults and the young. The protector is free from toxic chemicals and eco-friendly, creating the best sleep for their users, and also boasts to be breathable, which is an important feature when you are looking for waterproof protectors. So off with stains and liquids from your mattresses!

Priced at S$40 for Single and Super Single sizes, S$60 for Queen and S$62 for King, it provides an extra 40cm for leeway with your thick mattresses.


Now, unlike the above, FortyTwo is a site that allows you to find the perfect piece of furniture and bedding needs all-in-one. A one stop shop, they have products catered to every aspect of your home, be it big or small, and carries various options of Mattress Protectors for your needs. From Tencel to Microfibre, you can be assured there is something for you and your family. 

Prices start from S$6.90 for pillowcase protectors and S$15.90 for mattress protectors. 

Thank you for reading this article! We hope you have enjoyed it.

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