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Meditation Classes With Classpass: Top 5

Getting comfortable, practicing mindfulness, lowering our stress levels and being kinder to ourselves. That’s what we really need, in the midst of this pandemic.

Meditation is really about practicing mindfulness, and mindfulness meditation works on focusing our breath, as we breathe in and out. Meditation, over time, will teach you to focus on what’s important, and teach your mind to be calm and free from extra stress.

And what could be a better way to learn all these skills, than from actual professionals? Popular platform Classpass provides a wide variety of health and wellness classes, from Meditation to Boxing classes that provide users with the best experience possible.

This article discusses the Top 5 Meditation Classes that you can sign yourself up for and stop procrastinating! There is no “I’ll do it tomorrow”, but “Today is the day”!

1. Space 2B Meditation

Source: Classpass

This lovely space houses many classes, and the professionals from Space 2B Meditation aspire to bring about the ancient art of meditation to the modern consciousness. Making meditation available and accessible for everyone, Space 2B Meditation will be a home for every soul, for those who are willing.

 In light of the recent COVID-19 situation, most classes will be held online and the people at Space 2B Meditation have organized classes online on Zoom, that allow participants to remain calm and centered, transform negative stress into positive stress and maximize the amount of enjoyment we experience daily.

 Every session will make a real difference in our lives, for simple Meditation practices will be taught so participants retain the knowledge and are able to actively recreate the experience by themselves at home.

 Check out their Instagram and Website here for more details.

 Their popular classes include the:

  • Gong + Crystal Bowls Sound Healing (held in-studio)
  • Yoga Nidra + Crystal Bowls: Balancing the Chakras (held in-studio)
  • Focus & Concentration Meditation (held in-studio)
  • Integral Meditation & Mindfulness Tue (Live Stream)

2. Vyasa Yoga & Ayurveda Singapore

Source: Classpass

Founded in 2011, Vyasa Yoga Singapore established themselves as a leader in their community, especially with their scientific approach to Yoga. Housing over 2,000 trained yoga instructors and 500 trained yoga therapists, you can be well-assured you will be calm from head to toe after you leave this sanctuary.

Their online class, “Power of Prana and Meditation” covers your emotional, physical and spiritual self while decreasing your stress, physical ailments and bringing about a greater sense of joy and satisfaction, as you align yourself to be one with nature.

Check out their Instagram and Website here for more details.

Being mainly a yoga house, their popular classes also include yoga centered classes that will ensure that you stay in shape and at peace with your mind and soul.

3. Integral Meditation Asia - Basic Essence

Source: Classpass

Based in Singapore, the Integral Meditation Asia aims to help individuals live more fulfilling and dynamic meditation lives through their high-quality coaching and training courses. The form of meditation that they choose to focus on; Integral Meditation, supplies individuals with methods and skills, of which they can put to use, giving them daily practice on integrated control over their mind and emotions.

Check out their website here.

4. Mindful Alchemy

Source: Classpass

Nestled in the embrace of the heartlands, Mindful Alchemy is a meditation studio that brings you to greater heights, it integrates mindfulness principles into a Breatheology framework that brings you on a journey to establish a greater mind-body connection.

A non-judgmental, inclusive environment, Mindful Alchemy seeks to be the spot for anyone who wishes to be in their element.

Their most popular class, Breathing Techniques Flow conducted by Instructor Jacky, is a hit and shall not be missed! 

Check out their Instagram and Website here.

5. House of Ascend

Source: Classpass

An all-rounded experience, House of Ascend delivers just that. The yoga therapy course that they have was derived from a sacred spring, ideally connected to Pachamama, Mother Earth. Classes here are complemented with meditation, sound and aromatherapy to provide you with the best experiences possible, and postures taught teaches you on the dos and don’ts of strengthening control and awareness in yourself.

The Gong Meditation session, where guests are treated to aromatherapy, and guided through breathwork exercises, is a huge hit at the studio, and revitalizes your soul, with each hit of the gong. Aligning your body to its natural frequency, this session is surely not to be missed. Do bring along an eye-mask or eye-pillow so you will be immersed entirely into the experience and feel your body rejuvenate from within.

Check out their Instagram and Website here.

To complete your entire experience, check our article on the best candles to get in Singapore here. We sure hope it warms up your relaxing journey. 

At this point, all I need right now is a simple meditation session to keep me going. Being a first timer at this scares me, and I’m pretty sure it scares you too.

As we move on slowly from the pandemic at hand, let us all take instances to live, laugh, love and most importantly, breathe.

We must always remember that our existence holds so much, and learning to live our life step by step is ultimately the most important thing we can do for ourselves.

So live, and be free.

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