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Perfect Gifts For Your Mum on Mothers' Day 2021

Mothers are amazing, and I’m sure most of you can agree on that with me. The amount of pain, sacrifice and love that a mother gives for their child is immeasurable, and certainly takes a lot. And that feeling will be what we will feel and develop as we become parents eventually.

It doesn’t take too much of our time to show our mums that we appreciate them and are thankful for what they do, but on a special day like Mothers' Day, it gives us the chance to show them that we love them, and essentially, devote to them like them to us. So, check out our guide below to see how you can share some love with your first superwoman.

  1. Attend Workshops Together

Perfume making workshops are all the hype now, and you’ve probably seen our feature on it here. Apart from the ones that we’re familiar with, Je T’aime Perfumery brings you on a journey to create your very own, one-of-a-kind perfume. With over 50 choices to choose from, let your creativity flow while you create your special scent.

A fun activity you can try: Attempt to create scents for each other according to what you think the other party may like or even create one according to their personality! This may be an interesting activity for you to get some one-on-one time with your mum, and who knows, it may open up future potential opportunities for you to bond and spend time.  

For 2 to 5 pax classes, prices per person start at S$115 and for bigger classes, prices per person will cost you S$103.

At the end of the class, you will be able to bring home 2x10ml bottles of samples and 1x100ml bottle of the perfume you have created.

Check them on KKDAY here.

Another workshop that you can spend some time with your mum is with TOMBALEK’s Private Cheese and Chopping Board Making, giving your mum the chance to make her own functional and special piece of chopping board.

As this is a hands-on workshop, it’ll be great for your mum to get active and create something she can call her own in the kitchen, and I’m sure she will love it.

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Prices start from S$90 to S$180 for the workshop so check them out here now.

  1. Get Her A Well-Deserved Break with Massage Vouchers

 Being a mum is real tiring, but it’s not that I’ve done it. But I can imagine having to juggle work with housework, cooking and the little things that we usually take for granted, it accumulates. And for the tired and weary mums, getting them vouchers to enjoy a good massage will be the icing atop of the cake that they will 100% enjoy.

The Thai Spa provides gift vouchers in denominations of S$100 to S$1000, you can choose how much you’ll like to gift your mum for this Mother’s Day and share your appreciation for her.

Check out the recommended parlour here.

  1. Bring Her on a Cruise

While COVID-19 has become a defining obstacle in our attempts to travel, taking a cruise is not impossible (though we have to adhere to certain safe distancing measures). The Royal Caribbean has always been a household name when it comes to luxury cruises, so you don’t have to be worried if your mum will enjoy herself because she definitely will!

From S$299 for a short but fun 2 Night Ocean Getaway, your mum and you can engage in many activities onboard that will let her feel young again.

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Even better: Buy two tickets for your parents so they can get to spend some well-deserved time and go back to their dating days! Remind them to take lots of pictures for memory’s sake!

  1. Spend a Lovely Day with Her

While presents may be the best present we think we can gift our parents, sometimes all they need may just be our time. Our precious time that we have long forsaken to spend with them due to work and personal commitments may just be the secret to fixing the time and relationship between our parents.

So, here’s the idea: Take a day or weekend off, turn off all your notifications, and spend good, quality time with your mum. Bring her for a good breakfast, followed by a nice walk at Gardens by the Bay’s Flower or Cloud Dome for a picturesque walk and photo taking session, followed by having Dim Sum there.

After tea, bring her to Orchard for an all-expense paid shopping spree, so that you can give them the chance to shop till they drop, and ending the day with a nice, lovely dinner at the many establishments that Orchard Road offers (I’m sure you’ll find something nice).

Tip: You could even bring her to your favorite restaurants or even bring her for a tour on your daily life if you would like to spice up the day and show her how you live your day.

  1. Make Your Own Bouquet

If your mum loves flowers like I do, then instead of buying flowers for your mum, why not wrap a bouquet for her instead? 

G.G. Fresh Flowers is my personal favorite when it comes to buying affordable and high-quality flowers. Being one of the few wholesalers that we have here in Singapore, they are conveniently located in the prime location of Tai Seng and houses many different types of flowers for you to choose from.

Check them out here.

  1. DIY Photo Book

Photos hold the most memories, and what could be better than to create a personalized photo book just for your mum? It gives her something to look back on, and it’s one gift that she will never throw away. You can include images from your birth to the latest ones and going through each and every picture with her as you browse.

Alternatively, add little notes at the side of the photos to leave your comments so she may read them as she looks at each one.


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If you have no idea how to, check out this nifty little guide here.

Thank you for supporting Bedtribe thus far and we have come to the end of April. Exciting, isn’t it? We wish all of our mothers out there a Happy Mothers' Day and we wish them nothing but the best into this journey of life called Motherhood. What a privilege to be writing for you and see you next month!


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