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Bedsheets: How to Fit Them And More

We all love to sleep in clean, fresh sheets. Honestly, what’s not to love about them? Fitting your sheets sounds like an easy feat but truth be told, it’s the most irritating part of making your bed. So, you put one side in, and the other just pops out, and you sluggishly make your way to the other side of the bed, praying and hoping the same thing does not happen for the side you just fitted in and POP! There goes the amount of patience you saved up for throughout the day, gone in a minute.

But to be honest, it’s not that difficult. That is, if you follow the tips that we’re giving, changing your sheets will no longer be a frustrating event, ever again.

There are 2 sides to remember when you fit our sheets: The Long and Short side. This makes changing your sheets so much easier, because now, it’s no longer a head scratcher. But, if your current fitted sheets do not have this indicator, fret not! We, at Bedtribe, have compiled a list of tips and tricks to make your chores go 100% faster.

If you have a Queen or King size bed, know that we mean it when we say we understand your woes, as these sizes are typically more squarish than their Single or Super Single counterparts, and thus, fitting your sheets would be so much more complicating.

And we get it, so here’s a tip for you!

For Queen sized beds, that one tag that commonly comes with your fitted sheet belongs to the bottom right side of your bed and  

King sized beds, the tag belongs to the bottom left of the bed.

Not only will the rest of the tags fit, the sheets will always be oriented in the right direction and way and you’ll never have to fret about it again!

Clearly this sort of information is not the kind you learn in school or work, but in this day and age, you’ll be shocked to find what are the things you can’t learn on the internet.

Now that we’ve given you a tip to fit your sheets well and right, here are some tips to make your bed fast and nicely, like the ones you see in hotel rooms and give your bedroom, a finishing touch of luxury and order when you leave. With a nice aesthetic to fawn after, you may want to consider buying a good quality bed sheet, all for the sake of having a good sleep. Check out our article here to read up on it!

After you have put on your fitted sheet, place the flat sheet (optional) and duvet cover on the bed, whilst making sure you start from the top of the bed (nearest to the bed frame), and covering every inch of the mattress.

Tip: While you do not have to actively tuck in your flat sheet religiously under your mattress, be sure to leave lots of excess fabric (approximately 30% of your duvet cover) towards the end of the bed, and carefully tuck the excess under the bottom of the bed.

Next, lightly pull the excess fabric towards the top of the bed, on the left side of the mattress and secure the small portion of the excess cloth that appears from the bottom end of the duvet cover. Do the same for the other side of the bed.

Following that, tightly fit the excess fabric from the remaining left and right sides and tuck them under the mattress, giving a tight wrap, very much like wrapping a burrito, and making sure the ingredients “inside” have no chance at falling out.


The key here is to lay the duvet cover, flat sheet and fitted sheet tightly and as flat as possible under the mattress, so you won’t feel any unnecessary bumps when you sleep at night. 

Next, place your pillows at the top of the bed, nice and snug, and finally, put your blanket/comforter on for a nice, cozy and inviting bed.

P.s. When you make your bed like this, you won’t have to rearrange your fitted sheet and duvet cover every single day! Time saved. You’re welcome.

Mornings will now be much faster, and you can do a stretch or two before going to freshen yourself up and heading to work. How perfect, the start of a wonderful day.

If you’re one who really hates it when your fitted sheets come off easily after you lie down, simply follow this tip!

P.s. Sometimes, these sheets may come off too easily because they could be a tad too big for your bed, so you will always need to remember to check and recognise which sheets are perfect for you before you make the purchase.

The trick is to use are….. Elastics!

Check this video by Deanna Wall out to see how you can make your sheets fit you!

Another tip: Before you actually purchase your fitted sheet, it’ll be great if measurements are taken, with regards to the thickness of your mattress in order to ensure that the sheet will be able to cover the mattress entirely. Certainly, we do not wish for a fitted sheet that is too small to cover your mattress, and eventually look like an adult wearing toddler clothes.


Always ensure you take the largest reading of the depth of the mattress, as some mattresses come with varying heights. Purchase your fitted sheet with accordance to the measurements you have garnered, and it will never go wrong!

Typically, most fitted sheets on the market range from a 14 to 18” depth so be sure to check the specifications out before you check out!

We certainly hope you have enjoyed this little nifty article on tips and tricks, and we wish you a wonderful month ahead! Stay tuned for more and stay well x

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