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The Health Benefits of Living With Plants

Just like pet parents, “plant parents” have also earned an affectionate name thanks to an unwavering dedication to their house plants.

Their commitment is based on the knowledge that plants go beyond an aesthetic appeal. In fact, they can do wonders to the health of anyone who steps inside a house that’s filled with green life.

Forget plant design for a while, and let’s talk about the numerous health benefits those babies can bring you. Here are a few science-backed reasons why you should start adding some healthy greenery to your home.

health benefits of living with plants











Living with plants may reduce anxiety and stress

Spending time in nature is a proven way to calm your heart, as well as reduce symptoms of anxiety and stress. Yet, sometimes we’re too busy to go out on a hike, or we don’t have any natural spaces close to us. In this case, indoor plants can do a wonderful job.

House plants can be a great alternative for home-dwellers. The simple acts of looking at plants and taking care of plants can be therapeutic, as well as bring you feelings of purpose and joy.

Indoor plants absorb toxins and may improve air quality

Plants can be terrific natural air purifiers. A study from NASA suggests that they have the power to absorb formaldehyde and benzene, which are toxic substances that can cause health problems in the long-term. Interestingly, the study in question was conducted when researchers from NASA were searching for ways to keep space stations purified.

Common household products such as detergents and fabric softeners contain harmful preservatives, which plants will happily protect you from.

Plants may improve work focus

Several studies have shown that something as simple as a desk plant may improve focus at work. One of the studies is from 1996, in which participants worked 12 times faster in a campus computer lab when they could see plants nearby.

That could be due to the stress-reducing properties of plants, as well as its soft attention-grabbing (rather than distracting) potential. Luckily, there are smaller options of potted plants like cacti and succulents that won’t take any space on your office desk.

What are great options for indoor plants?

Ideally, you’d look at plants that need minimal light and are easy to maintain. Especially if you’re a busy person, you’ll want to make sure you have enough time to look after them.

Here are some plants that won’t give you a lot of work, but will still provide you with all of the benefits listed above.










Because succulents store water in their leaves, they don’t need to be watered often. They owe this storage power to their thick leaves, which make them a preferred option for beginner plant owners.

Plus, they’re adaptable to a number of environments. They don’t need direct sunlight, meaning they don’t necessarily need to always be near a window. There are even succulents that can prosper in low light. And, as we’ve already mentioned, they’re also great at purifying the air of your home.

Succulents are ideal for those who are just starting out as plant parents, or who just want to enjoy health benefits without working too hard to maintain them. They come in a lot of varieties like Burro’s-Tail, Snake Plant, and Aloe Vera.

You can purchase succulents in a pot from S$12.90 from plant retailers like A Tilly a Day in Singapore










Nope, not all succulents are cacti. Not only will potted cacti add a cute touch to your home decor, but they’ll help keep you healthy and de-stressed while taking none of your time.

You know the drill with cacti: they need very little watering. So, don’t fret if you forget to water them for a few days. Some varieties of cactus, like the Scarlet Ball Cactus and Christmas Cactus will be just fine in indirect, dim, or insufficient light. You can water once every week.

At FittoniaMania, you can get a small cactus or succulent for just S$4. You can also check out the plants in person at their retail kiosk in Nex Mall and Clementi Mall










The greatest thing about pothos plants are their large leaves. Remember the NASA studies we’ve mentioned? Research scientists claim that the leafier the plant, the better. According to scientist Bill Wolverton, “the amount of leaf surface area influences the rate of air purification.”

Another great aspect is: pothos do well in multiple light conditions. This type of plant can survive even in low-lit apartments and shadowy areas, regardless of where it’s placed.

The only thing you should remember about pothos plants is this: you should let them dry out between waterings. Avoid soaking them. For those of you who worry about when to water them, it’s easy to know when they’re “happy”: if you’re doing a good job with their care, they’ll be vivid and green.

Now, if they’re browning or wilting, that means you should be watering them more. Easy-peasy.

You can get Devil’s Ivy (or Money Plant) at Noah’s Garden Centre for $8.80 onwards.

Time to add a little plant life to your home!










Anyone can and should enjoy the benefits of indoor plants, regardless of their schedule or level of laziness.

If you’re just starting out as a plant owner or simply don’t want to spend a lot of time dealing with your new green babies, give the above varieties a try. You just might end up enjoying the plant parent life more than you thought.

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