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Top 3 Pillows You Should Get

“My heart can feel the softness of a star
Only when the moon stays afar
I lay my mind on the pillow of sky
Where sleep dares not ever to pry”
― Munia Khan

Some say a pillow is your best friend during the night, and it never fails to catch your tears, bad dreams and deepest sorrows. I must agree, though not all pillows appear to do as such.

A personal favourite of mine are memory foam pillows, though I am certain that not everyone carry the same sentiments as me. There are a variety of pillows widely available on the market, from feather to buckwheat. As our needs evolve, increasingly popular pillows like contour pillows are taking the market by storm.

But did you know, that your pillow must be changed every 1 to 2 years for hygienic purposes? The amount of bacteria on these puppies are tremendous, considering the amount of time we spend with it daily.

Guilty? That’s alright, I’m guilty too. It’s not too late.

Spending money to buy a good pillow is something you should never scrimp and save on, considering the amount of time you spend with it daily. A good pillow will ensure you a good and painless day, and bring you little to no trouble at all. Spending a little bit more for better days to come, greater good right?

With that, take a look at our top 3 recommendations for the next best pillow for you, because only you will pamper yourself, and trust me, you’re worth it.

1. ZeeZeeZee

A growing Singapore based company, ZeeZeeZee loves to make their customers sleep, and I mean it quite literally! The company is largely based online, and sells your typical sleep needs and pets futon beds, completely safe and aesthetic, for your pets to look adorable, even when they’re snoring away.

Their most popular product, the ZeeZeeZee Social Memory Foam Pillow, is a high-density memory foam pillow with a removable cover. Retailing at S$80, this baby will be worth it and putting you to dreamland faster than you can say “Goodnight”.

The perfect density pillow has a remarkable contour design, excellent for head and neck support, ensuring that the strain you feel on normal pillows will be eradicated, and your entire head and neck will feel supported throughout the night. Not only that, having a removable fabric cover ensures that you will keep the bacteria at bay because this provides with more opportunities to wash your pillow!

Source: ZeeZeeZee

Ps.This pillow is unfortunately, not suitable for pillow fights.

If you would like to do something nice for someone, ZeeZeeZee has an amazing system where you donate a mere S$10 to pay it forward and buy a pillow for someone in need. Amazing! Using their platform for good is the love we need in this period. Click here to send some love.

2. MPillow

Sleeping the difference. That’s what the people at MPillow believe in.

Getting a pillow at MPillow makes all the difference, for the customisable and tailored function of the special MPillows will definitely make your pillow fit you, instead of the other way around.

Crafted just for you, the pillow comes with cervical support, tailored made materials and lots of detail and attention paid to making your sleep so much better.

The popular FibreCool MPillow comes in 3 sizes, XS, S and M, and comes with 2 pillow covers, 1 pillow inner protector, 1 pillow case and a vacuum sealed zip lock bag with fillings. It also assists in various functions, like sufficient head space, shoulder allowance, neck spine support and face rest support. Be sure to look out for these on your next pillows because not all pillows will love you like the MPillow does!

Source: MPillow

Retailing at S$210, it’ll be worth a buy!


For S$69.90, 2 SOMNI pillows are at such a steal.

Each SOMNI pillow comes with 100% cotton ticking fabric shells, super microfibre fill and a hefty 1300 medium firm, perfect for those who prefer harder pillows. I, in particular, love love love this functionality.

Wrapped in a quilted pocket, it comes as a perfect present, or it can be a perfect present, seeing how Christmas is approaching. Hint: it may just be the perfect present for your loved ones, gifting them good sleep is the best present one may give and receive.

Source: SOMNI

The microfibre functionality in this pillow makes it super hygienic, especially for allergic individuals. Check out our post here for bedsheets for sensitive skin if you want full tips!

A pillow is a wonderful package of joy, and knowing how to care for this packet of joy also comes with its tips and tricks.

Check out this video or tips and tricks to do so!


Before you choose the right pillow, you should know how to pick YOUR perfect pillow.

How? Ask yourself this question.

What kind of sleeper am I?

Side? Back? Stomach? 

For back sleepers, a perfect pillow would score a medium on the scale for firmness, and a memory foam pillow might do just the trick!

For side sleepers, a perfect pillow would score a high on the scale of firmness, for a sufficient level of support is needed in order to ensure your spine is well aligned, even throughout sleep. A down pillow may work perfectly!

For stomach sleepers, your perfect pillow would something soft, and score low on firmness. A perfect pillow would be filled with feathers, to ensure your back is not strained during your sleep.

Of course, these tips do not apply to everyone, but it may help! Begin your journey to find your perfect pillow and have A+ sleep today.

Thank you for reading this article. I hope you enjoyed it. Stay tuned for the next one!

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