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Tribe Review: Kirona Scent Essential Oils

Started in 2015 in our little sunny island, Kirona Scent shares the same passion that I do: smelling good. Plus, their little backstory is hilarious, and we all love companies with passion and humor. What’s more important though, is the fact that all Kirona Scent products are made with love and scent-sational. We’ve given them a brief review here so you can check it out here too!

Our second #TribeReviews article brings you a review on Kirona Scent, a locally based company that is passionate about bringing good smells to the public, and if you haven’t heard of them before, perhaps it’s time to give them a try now.

In this article, we’ll be exploring and sharing with you our favourite products and scents from Kirona Scent, and hopefully, you’ll come to love them too!

At a current number of 60 different fragrances, Kirona Scent offers your typical relaxing scents like Lavender, Lemongrass or Bergamot. But aside from those, we’ll be bringing you interesting scents like the Shangri-La and Watermelon Essential Oils!

  1. Shangri-La

If you often wonder how you can transform your home into a staycation-worthy hotel, this is the first step. The smell of a place is often the first thing you notice about a place, and typically the longest lasting memory that you would hold in your brain.

Well, congratulations! Because now you can have daily staycations at home and experience the suite life (at home)! This essential oil named after one of the most acclaimed luxury hotel chains in the world will bring a new world-class vibe to your living space as well!

Also, if you’re not aware of this special feature, Kirona brings most of their scents unto all the products that they carry, so you’ll be able to have your favourite scents in various forms like Reed Diffusers, Fragrance Sprays, Diffusers and of course, in the form of an essential oil! This will bring about so much convenient and homogeneity, as you customize the smell of your home!

  1. Odour Eliminator

Image Credits

The top scent we require when it comes to repacking an old room, or if you just enjoy neutral scents in general. This may be a good gift for that one friend whose room doesn’t smell too good, but you’re also afraid to hurt their feelings in an outright way. To make things better, you could also say that you have it too, and let’s face it, we all need an odour eliminator at least once in our lives.

If you’re looking to finally remove that musty smell in your home for the longest time, this scent can help with scent removal and provide a new fresh scent to your home.

Hence, this would be the most suitable in the form of a diffuser, to effectively spread the scent quickly across the home! If you’re also looking to go for a KBBQ session with your best buds, then this in the form of a small 10ml essential oil bottle would be 10/10! A handy bottle of this portable odour eliminator will bring you a long way! Don’t forget to thank me later!

  1. Lime

Image Credits

Probably the best one on the list to place in your kitchen, this lime scented essential oil will reinvigorate your kitchen, and turn those oily residue scents into a fresh scented cooking space, that may inspire you to create a new flurry of dishes for your family!

The scent also boasts to be a natural disinfectant so it’s perfect for food preparation and helps with concentration and the dispelling of negative emotions, a function we all need in our lives. I wish they made it in the form of a spray, so we can all go around spraying negative Nancy out there (I’m joking).

Besides, the lime scent may match your dishwashing liquid too so why not? It’s an interesting yet safe choice, and we think you will love it!

  1. Watermelon

Image Credits

Did someone say watermelon? Watermelon as a scent?! That’s fresh, literally. If you’re one for sweet scents, this may be the scent for you. With a fruity twang, this Watermelon-scented essential oil is a crowd favourite with the kids.  

While it helps to lift your mood, the burst of sweet and fruity makes for a good way to reduce levels of anxiety and episodes of depression and increase your happiness index!

This could be an apt scent to place in the form of diffusers in classrooms and workplaces, for the stressful moments that students and employees may face.

  1. Fluffy Blanket

Image Credits

I know, the name alone makes me feel like cuddling. An alternative to the usual Lavender or Citronella, the fluffy blanket is a great option for you to place in your room!

This scent smells like my favourite scent in the world: Fresh beddings, especially when they have just dried out in the sun. That disinfected yet lovely, sweet scent is a smell I will never say no to. And the people behind Kirona basically said, what if we could make it last all day? Let me tell you, I did not hesitate to click buy.

Now imagine this: It’s a Saturday morning and you only have one plan in mind: Stay home and sleep your day away. Trust me when I say this will make you not want to move. Just keep that in mind. Now, add an entire Netflix series (completed, of course, we know the drill) and two bottles of water with Grabfood. That is indeed a perfect Saturday.

For the best experience, try the Fluffy Blanket in the form of a Reed Diffuser so it’s not too strong for a confined space.

That brings us to the end of this article, and the second #TribeReviews article that we can bring to you! We hope there will be more, and we’re excited to see what else we can bring forward for the rest of the year.

That said, thank you for supporting us and do look forward for our new stocks that will arrive soon, take care everyone! Stay safe and remember to stay calm and happy always!


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