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Valentines' Day Gift Ideas for Him and Her

Alas, the day of celebrating love is dawning upon us. While Valentines’ Day may be just a mere 9 days away, many are scrambling to find gift ideas for their significant other but if you’re reading this article, there’s a high chance you might just be earnestly shopping for your last-minute gifts too!

Fret not! For we are here to save you (and bring a smile on your partner’s face)! For this special gift article, we will be coming up with gifts suitable for both him and her so you can be assured you’ll find something you like by the end of it!

Gifts for Him

Buying gifts for men are actually really simple: you find out what they want, and you simply get it for them. Women, however, are entirely different. Men are certainly much simpler creatures, and for the men who have almost everything in life, choosing and buying gifts may be a bit of a hassle. If this happens, stick to the one thing you can provide: An Experience.

While they may seem to have everything in life, surely, they have not tried everything out there, right?

Axe Factor

At Axe Factor, you can gift your partner an experience he will never forget! The first of its kind, Axe Factor is a fun and stress relieving activity that you will both get to enjoy and at the same time, vent all your frustrations out in a fun, healthy and exciting way! 

Inspired by ‘Aquaman’ star Jason Momoa’s video at an ax throwing range, the partners behind Axe Factor were excited to bring the concept over to Singapore, where we could have a hand at throwing axes, in a safe environment. While it sounds rather odd, venting out your stress together as a couple may not sound like a bad idea when you’re actually doing it together. In fact, to spice things up, you may even consider going on a double or triple date for this activity and compete to see who’s the best couple!

Prices are as follows:

Individual S$30

For S$30, 1-2 pax may play for a total of 60 minutes (1 hour) with one target board.

Groups S$80

For S$80, 3-5 pax may play for a total of 60 minutes (1 hour) with your own personal lane and target board.

Private Room S$380

For S$380, 10-25 pax may play. However, due to the current COVID-19 restrictions, this will not be applicable.

For more details on pricing, check this link out. 

For the best deals of S$23 instead of S$30, check the prices on Klook here!

For a Special Someone: Vanda Fine Clothing

Founded in 2011, Vanda Fine Clothing is one of the few artisanal workshops out there, which specializes in creating solely handmade products with traditional techniques for men. Made with tasteful fabrics and delicate taste, Vanda has pocket squares, neck ties, scarves and adorable bow ties that will never go out of style.

While the brand is not as luxurious as the ones we know, their products are definitely not lacking and in fact, on the bright side, your partner may have a one-of-a-kind tie that will be hard to find!

Check out their products here

Gifts for Her

Valentines’ Day may be a little different this year, but don’t take the spark away! Check out our special gift ideas that you can shower your partner with!

Customize your own perfume with SIX!

Customizing your perfume has been on the high lately, and there’s nothing more special than having a scent that only you own! A perfect way to celebrate Valentines' Day at home, SIX provides DIY scent workshops at just S$45 and is great for couple bonding!

Take this opportunity to create your very own scent or do one for exclusively for your significant other to make it more special! You may even create one for the both of you and make it special!

Also, if you share a home together, SIX also provides various options for your home! From diffusers to pillow mists and even candles, you’ll be able to find something she likes and make her happy!

Check out their website here and visit their stores here

If you would like to get other gifts for your loved ones, check out our article here for more. 


I’m not sure about you, but I love special gifts. They could cost really little, but if you have put your heart into it, they would still be really special. I chanced upon Gsews whilst looking for a gift for a close friend and I absolutely love her work!

While the waiting time takes around 4 weeks for completion as every single aspect of the bag is customized and chosen by yourself, you can have enough time to prepare the rest of your date while you wait for its arrival.

For made-to-order products, Gsews gives you the liberty to choose from the template piece (e.g. drawstring, tote, cardholder etc.), the exterior fabric and color (from classic black to natural nude), interior fabric (a wide variety I must add!), and finally, any add on you prefer (coin zip pockets, calligraphy embroidery and even card slots). The waiting time may be long, but it’ll be more than worth it when you see the smile on your partner’s face!

With that, we hope we have inspired you to choose an interesting gift for your partner this year and celebrate your love with a twist. Times may be tough, but the power of two is tougher!

Happy Chinese New Year and Valentine's’ Day! We really love these gift article ideas, and we hope that with the coming festivities, we can share more of these lovely gift ideas with you and your loved ones!

We wish you a prosperous new year ahead and stay safe!


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