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Wellness Products You’ll Be Able To Find In Don Don Donki

Japan’s famous discount store Don Quijote (or Don Don Donki) is one of the most popular Japanese stores in Singapore, and ever since they have landed in Singapore a few years back, they have since expanded to 9 stores across the country, with their most popular Orchard Central outlet that opens for a whole 24 hours! Also, if you haven’t read our second #TribeReviews article here, check it out before continuing!

You would normally associate their famous jingle with the brand, and the splash of bright yellow across their shops, along with the super adorable penguin that is almost hard to miss. Let’s not forget their snaking long queues that always never seem to end.

Apart from the usually expensive fruits and special Japanese snacks that you’ll be able to get at Don Don Donki, the chain store carries many products that ranges from food products to even health and beauty, of which is what we’re seeking to explore and introduce to you today!

Welcome to the mini list of wellness products that you can get from Don Don Donki, now exclusively online on Shopee!

  1. Ashirira Natural Sap Sheets

The ashirira natural sap sheets from Don Don Donki comes in two scents: Mugwort and Lavender, which is applied onto your foot soles, and helps with relaxing your tired feet after a day of wearing heels or just a day of walking about.

The sheets come with bamboo saps, that poses antibacterial effects and helps keep your feet moisturized and removes bad odour. It is suitable for individuals with sensitive skin, and helps you take care of your feet, while you lay in bed comfortably after a long day.

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Retailing at S$29.90 online, this product has received raving reviews and is a must try when it comes to Donki products!

  1. Jonetsu Kakaku Deodorant with Charcoal

If you don’t know by now, the use of charcoal is excellent in odour removal, and is safe to be around children as well. The Jonetsu Kakaku Deodorant from Donki is affordable at just S$2.90 for two packs and is efficient in helping to deodorize your home.

The product is unscented, which makes it suitable to be around individuals who have sensitive noses, or those who simply cannot stand scented products. You can place these anywhere around your home and it lasts for an average of 60 days, which is essentially 2 months! Pretty worth it if you ask me!

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The sleek and seamless design of the product allows for it to blend in anywhere in your home, and still serving its desired purpose. It is a definite must-buy.

  1. Barley Young Leaf in Powder Form

Admit it, we know at least one person who hates vegetables to the core, and you probably have never seen them touching a single vegetable, or even touching anything green. If that’s the case, this is your answer to their problems.

While it is important to keep our feeling healthy and invigorated with our surroundings, we cannot neglect what we are putting in our bodies as well! Every single grain of barley used in the production of this beverage is pesticide-free and grown specifically for the sole purpose of ensuring us top quality barley. Furthermore, after going through rigorous quality and hygiene control, it tastes pleasant. For the green tea lovers out there, this will be something you will like!

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The beverage is also suitable for younger children to consume, and parents can ensure that their children take in sufficient amounts of their required daily intake of vitamins. Furthermore, the drink does not come with a strong or distinct taste so you will be able to add it into drink or beverage and mix to drink! Even better, you could incorporate the powder into a cocktail and see how much you can change up your alcoholic beverages.

The powder is packaged in a stick type, so it provides an ease of comfort and accessibility when it comes to bringing it around, ensuring it hassle-free and convenient for all. A box comes with a total of 44 packs, each weighing 3 grams, and is priced reasonably at S$19.90, allowing one packet to be just S$0.45, cheaper than a packet of vegetables!

  1. John’s Blend Deodorizer (Reed Diffuser and Mist form)

By now, if you have been a frequent reader, you would know we love our reed diffusers and deodorizers. For that, we have managed to find a Donki-exclusive range for you!

Concocted by a perfumer with at least 48 years of perfume-making experience, the Reed diffusers and room sprays comes with a famous white musk scent, that is bound to brighten up any room and make it refresh your space.

The design of the products is eco-friendly, and comes with a classic design, allowing to fit in anywhere in your home and even your office!

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Image Credit

If you would like to try out the product first, do opt for the room spray instead of the reed diffusers as it is smaller and much more affordable!

Check the reed diffuser and room spray in the links attached!

Now that the mini lockdown has been announced, we should feel more comfortable and less anxious than the first a year back, but things still feel the same. While the world experiences another surge of panic and fear, let us stay calm and think happy thoughts, while practicing absolute care in ensuring the health and safety of the people around us.

Times are tough, but we are much tougher together!


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