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Your Period, Ovulation and Bedsheets

Ladies, it’s that time of the month again, and once again, we are tossing and turning in our beds, blasting the fan and air conditioning, and hoping, that we would at least get some semblance of sleep and an ounce of sanity, from whatever’s left in our system.

As a woman, I often find myself having trouble sleeping at night when I have my period and while I am going through ovulation, which, if you add the days up, almost mean half a month. For the aircon fanatics, this may mean you live life a little easier, congratulations. For the sad ladies like me who are used to sleeping with a fan, the importance of having a good bedsheet is very, very important.

I realised the importance of a good bedsheet when I couldn’t fall asleep one day, and my body was sweating, and I felt like I was on fire. A quick check on my period app indicated that I was going through ovulation, which answered so many ‘whys’, as studies conducted have found that our body temperatures actually rise during ovulation due to a spike in progesterone and remains that way until your period arrives.

In fact, women undergoing menopause are no exception to this phenomenon as well, for they too, experience hot flushes and night sweats during this period, which makes it important for us to focus on buying quality products that suit our needs.

Having your period also means that for most women, period leaks are no stranger, and while having periods are bad enough, we often have the irrational fear of leaking on our beds.

Today, our article looks forward to sharing what we know about periods, ovulation, and your bedsheets! Look forward as we bring you content on choosing a good bedsheet type and its necessities when you have your periods, as well as effective stain removal when it comes to leaks. So don’t worry, we got you covered!

The Right Bedsheet

A good bedsheet requires 4 elements: cooling capacity, softness, durability, and the health benefits it brings.

A good bedsheet should have adequate to maximum cooling capacity, and this is one of the key personal points I tend to look out for when purchasing bedsheets, as I find it really hard to sleep with stuffy and non-breathable bedsheets and linen at night. Having cooling bedsheets also mean less flipping around when you are trying to fall asleep and having effective moisture wicking capabilities, which can help assist with the sweat that we produce while sleeping at night. This would mean that even while we have warm nights, our bedsheets can help counter the heat by providing a cooling base for us to rest easy at night.

Another key quality of a good bedsheet, and a personal quality that I do keep a lookout for is the durability of a bedsheet. Like many things, we all want our purchases to last for a long time to get our money’s worth, and bedsheets are no exception. After all, who would want to fork out a sum of money every few years for a mid-range bedsheet right? Hence, it is important to look out for bedsheets that are pill-resistant and do not fade easily. These qualities would typically present in Tencel and Bamboo sheets, and especially obvious in cotton and microfiber-based sheets.

However, if a leaky period is something you face very often or concerns you greatly, do check out our article here on what you should know about mattress protectors, I trust you’ll find them very useful. 

All About Staining

Staining your bedsheets during your period is common, and not an occurrence that we should be embarrassed of. However, to avoid the trouble of cleaning up after, we will be introducing some tips to help lessen your troubles, and more importantly, not feel vulnerable when you accidentally leak on a shared bed.

The most common choice of stain-prevention is certainly the overnight pads, and some even go up to 50cm! But it’s often itchy and scratchy, and while some pads are comfortable to last you the whole night, other alternatives are up and coming in the market and I must say, they are simply amazing and should be added to your list!

Have you ever heard of period panties? Well, it’s amazing. I tried it twice and I absolutely cannot forget about it. The comfort, the all-round ease, and you know the fear you get when you lay on your side while you sleep while being in fear of leaking? Well, that’s gone. Compared to my normal nights of sleeping with an extremely long pad, period panties are perfect alternatives, and I cannot stress how much easier my nights got after trying them on.

If you’ll like a recommendation, do give the Kotex Overnight Panties a try, they’re retailing at S$3.50 for two pairs and comes in various sizes, featuring 360 degrees fit, and have received raving reviews since its launch.

A cheaper alternative to this would be to designate period towels that you can place on your bed and lay on them when you sleep so that it acts as an extra layer for absorption and to prevent the stains from seeping into your bedsheets and mattress, making it easier to clean. However, do note that this may add on to the accumulated temperature on your bed, possibly making it harder for you to sleep.

I hope this article has served some insight and tips into making your period and ovulation journey a little easier, and while being a woman is never easy, we’re glad to have a little community to share tips and help each other grow and become stronger women. With that, we hope to share so many more intimate topics with you and hope you look forward to more! 

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