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Iced Bamboo Sheets

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Iced Weighted Blanket

Now available online and in-stores.

Our Bamboo Sheets


Naturally hypoallergenic and anti-bacterial, bamboo repels bacteria and are resistant to odours.


Wash, stretch or fold our sheets and it’ll maintain its peak form like always.


Our sheets are sustainable and eco-friendly, requiring 20 times lesser water than cotton to produce.

Lovely colours and sheets are soft and weather appropriate for our warm and humid little red dot.

Amanda Chia

The bedsheet material is super smooth!


Amazingly soft and cooling sheets!


Great service at the showroom. Soft and comfortable bed linen. Can't wait to try them out.

Raymond Leong

Very pleasant store experience! Bought their bamboo loungewear and it has been life changing for my sleep - it is so comfortable.

Ryan Lim

I have purchased 2 sets and a duvet from Bedtribe. My family love the material, it's super nice for sensitive skin. Definitely getting more!

May Leung

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