Innovative bedding engineered in Singapore

An innovative series that gives a good night’s sleep. Get your comfort and well-deserved rest the way you should.

Iced Bamboo Sheets

Engineered Tranquility

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We’ve always been passionate about having high quality sleep. Bedtribe was birthed from the idea of wanting to provide accessible premium sleep products for the community.

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Defining a new way to sleep

At a certain point in recent years, our culture started to equate sleep with being idle and slothful. Activities like buying the best sheets, massage, and blackout curtains in your room are singular endeavors that might be construed as extreme indulgence. But as our hyperconnected world faces challenges we could never have predicted, it is clear that we cannot feel a real sense of tranquility without acknowledging that in order to sleep well and thrive, we need to look beyond what we currently know and are accustomed to.


Iced Bamboo Sheets

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