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Based on 268 reviews
Best for menopausal symptoms

I suffer from very bad case of hot flushes at night every now & then due to menopause. The iced bamboo sheets gives me a good night sleep without breaking a sweat.

so smooth

was looking for new bedsheets for awhile and glad i finally bought this.. smooth, soft and so comfy

Feels great

As other reviewers have described, very appealing texture, smooth to touch but not chilly. Feels luxurious, glad I found this

Can never go back to normal sheets

Quality sheets, good price and excellent service. It’s super cooling and soft. Good sheets = quality sleep!! Will definitely recommend 👍🏻👍🏻

Dry Clean Your Bamboo Duvet

I made the mistake of throwing my Bamboo Duvet into the washer without noticing the "dry clean only" label and indeed the Bamboo fibres clustered. So sad that we can't enjoy the full features of the Bamboo duvet...

Love it!

It is exactly as described! Cooling and soft that helps me sleep well. I immediately bought 2 more sets after trying my 1st one. Love it!


Its really comfortable and nice to sleep in. First time purchasing and delivery is fast too!

Silky smooth

Very good for people with ezcema. Its cooling and not scratchy on skin.
Manage to sleep better after purchase

Good Product

Think this is one of the lowest gsm i can find in singapore for duvet.
cooling and smooth material

Needs drycleaning before first use

I cant comment on the duvet itself yet, but was so much looking forward to using it when it arrived. Then i realized it needs dry cleaning before usage and had to get this organized first. It would have been nice if it would have arrived in a dry cleaned condition for immediate usage.


Item is as advertised! I do feel that I sleep better after changing to this duvet. It is cooling yet still protects you from the cold, the temperature feels just right and the weight of the duvet is just right as well. The only thing is I really prefer the look of a fluffy duvet. But this duvet looks quite thin and does not gives the bed a cosy vibe.

Iced Bamboo Sheets Set
Angelina Fransisca
Worth the money !

The bedsheets is beyond my expectation. Cooling and smooth even after washing it :)I am impressed and highly recommend you all to try.


I love the bedsheets so much. Highly recommended!!

Excellent Iced Bamboo Bolster Cases

I'm a satisfied customer making another purchase from Bedtribe. Their products are nothing short of excellent.


It’s my first purchase from bedtribe and it’s a gift for my mum! She loves the soft texture and it’s so comfortable!

Cool and smooth sheet

Very comfortable, and so soft

Ice bamboo bedsheet + Summer Duvet

I started off with 1 set of bamboo bedsheet with Bedsheet. I love it so much I proceeded to buy another set. It is cooling, silky and comfy that I don't even feel like getting off bed. After, I decided to try out their summer duvet. Can't express how delighted I am to chance upon Bedtribe, even for their summer duvet is so light and comfy.

I started sharing with friends and all of them have converted to be a big fan of Bedtribe now.

Soft as snow

Bought the first set as a gift. They loved it.
Now own a set ourselves and my toddler said to me in the first instance he laid down, “it’s like snow time”

Iced Bamboo Sheets Set
Kenneth Elias
Second time buying

Repeat purchase. I liked the first 2 sets so much I had to buy more.


Got one to try and it has been a couple of months - still loving it! Soft and cooling.

Cooling bedsheets

Bedsheets feels extremely soft and smooth! Slept like a baby.. repeated customer:)

Worth it

It’s my second purchase and I totally love these sheets. They are so comfortable and cooling. They are not even the most expensive sheets I have.. so totally worth every cent! Pls come out with more colours!


Bought this Duvet for my mum and she loves it. She will recommend to her friends.

So soft

The material is so soft and smooth to touch.

Soft and comfy bedsheet

I started with the purchase of 1 set of their bedsheets to try out. My whole family will complimenting how comfortable my bed was. End up, I change my entire bedsheet in the house to bedtribe. Thank you for bringing in such good quality and affordable bedsheet.