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Writing this review after using the sheets for a month. I love the silkyness of it, and it’s really very comfortable!

But there are a few things that I hope can be improved especially for the duvet cover. I use a King sized cover with Bedtribe’s King sized duvet and honestly, it keeps losing shape every single night even though I’ve securely tied the four corners. Somehow the size causes it to bunch up a lot and by the next morning I have a very lumpy duvet to rearrange. I think this could be solved by having more hoops so that the duvet doesn’t keep shifting.

Another area of improvement is that right now, the duvet cover uses a zipper, instead of buttons, to enclose the duvet. This means that if I’ve to rearrange the duvet on the opposite end of the zip, I’ve to unzip it fully (instead of just unbuttoning 1-2 buttons on the other end).

Thanks for reading this review, hope this feedback can be taken into consideration!

Comfy sheets

Got it as a house warming gift, esp w the embroidery service which is a plus

just right

lightweight, gives just the right temperature- Goldilocks. thank you for this product.

cool sheets

the skin feels cool and smooth against the sheets even without air conditioning. thank you for carrying this product.

Heavenly sheets + top notch customer service

These sheets are quite simply the best that I’ve ever purchased. Likely to not ever go back to cotton! To top it off, excellent customer care. Very happy!

Comfy lounge wear

Bought one set of the lounge wear to wear and it was amazing, so comfortable and soft and cooling. Bought additional sets and they were promptly delivered.

No regrets!

This is my third purchase, and I could really feel the difference in my sleep quality using these sheets compared to regular cotton sheets. There’s no turning back now!

So cooling

The feel of this material is luxurious! Its so cosy to be snuggled up now with this cooling weather. I cudnt even get up in the morning cos i just want to be in bed!

Other than that i love the sheen look and the colour is accurate too!

Best sheets I’ve had

It was very comfortable, easy to wash, fits the queen size bed perfectly.

Had trouble waking up or getting out of bed. Colour is accurate to the images too!

Iced Bamboo Sheets

Sheets are really good ! drastically improved sleep quality.

I think you forgot to pack the swapped pillowcase, but doesn't matter I only have 1 pillow anyway :D
Would love it if you made bodypillow covers too !


The material is really soft and feels premium, the price is not cheap but with the kind of quality it’s worth it

Ice bamboo bedsheet

Im a repeated customer. But this time round I tried their ice bamboo. It’s so smooth and doesn’t hook on rough skin. Will definitely come back again! Thanks!

10/10 Would definitely recommend!

This is my 3rd purchase of the loungewear , and I am so pleased with the comfort.
Everything fits perfectly and is so soft and cozy. I'm confident that this loungewear will last a long time.
I high recommend this for anyone looking for comfortable loungewear.

Best bedsheet ever slept on and we had really expensive ones before

Cannot get enough of it and will be back to buy more colours
The texture and coolness of the material is just mind blowing

Don’t wanna get up up from bed

Easily one of the best purchases made for my new home! The sheets were so comfortable that it makes getting up from bed a chore. Love how smooth it feels against your skin. Am looking forward to repurchase once the colours are stocked up!

So soft and silky

First time trying bamboo fiber sheets and blown away by how Bedtribe sheets just flow on my bed like water, It’s so silky and smooth and cooling. Ohmygawd!

Iced Bamboo Sheets Set
Alhammy Rahim
Soft and cooling

One of the best purchase I had for a bedsheet. Soft to the touch and cooling too. Would buy other colours in the future!


I thought it was too thin, but when I tried it , it's just perfect especially in this weather . The material is good . I'm thinking if getting another one for my daughter . She really love out duvet set and duvet .

Duvet set

All I can say is Wow! We love our new duvet cover,pillow cases and sheet to bits . My husband was a bad sleeper . He always woke up in the night because he felt hot or the temperature wasn't good enough for him, but since we started using this set , he sleeps better . And to quote what my daughter said , " Mummy, can I have a sleepover here? I really love you bed. I enjoyed it so much .it's so soft and comfy" .. I'm thinking of purchasing again for my daughter .

Comfy and just the right warmth

When I first opened the package, I must admit I was a little worried that the duvet was too thin to keep me warm (it’s been raining these few weeks, and even though we’re not sleeping in air con I like a thick duvet to feel toasty). But to my surprise, the duvet may -feel- thin but it works super well! It’s just the right amount of warmth that keeps you snug but yet suitable for my husband who gets warm easily under the duvet.

Awesome buy!

Even with the recent cool weather this duvet manages to keep you warm, it manages to maintain a comfortable temperature so you won’t toss and turn to remove the covers. Good for people who are hot sleepers.

Comfortable sheets!

Nice and cooling, I would consider repurchasing. Looking forward to more colours.

Really comfortable sheets!

Great sheets and prompt delivery.

Our family have been using bedsheets from bedtribe for a few years now, ever since I found bedtribe. Please continue to have these available in affordable prices.
Glad to see it available in cot size too. Hopefully baby can sleep more soundly on this.

Nice and cooling material

Bought duvet cover ,cooling and comfy ,would repurchase again