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Based on 149 reviews
cooling and soft

cooling and soft bedsheets! great value

Sample fabric

Good to provide sample fabric, will consider getting.

Second purchase

Wonderful bedsheets, very cooling which gave us a good night’s sleep. Second purchase!

Cooling and soft to touch

Tried it and its perfect for our humid warm weather! Highly-recommended high quality sheets!

Feels really good

Have yet to try it on but so excited to ! From the point of purchased to receiving the item, everything went really smooth and no disappointment there!

Soft and cooling

The material is very soft and cooling, will purchase again

Soft and cooling bedsheet

The bedsheet s really soft and cooling, really worth buying!

Best bedsheets

First time sleeping on bamboo bedsheets. Incredibly soft n cooling. Waiting for the duvet cover to be restocked.

Soft and cooling bedsheets

2nd time buying bedsheets from bedtribe. it's very soft and cooling. very premium yet prices are not crazily exorbitant. Love the handwritten card you always add in Mel. Support local enterprise.


Very good, cause they can send you a sample. Free of charge before you decide if you want to buy. Good service and material.

Kudos to local enterprise!

Bedtribe Iced bamboo sheets is so cooling, soft and comfy~ very suitable if you suffer from sensitive skin/eczema like me~
Even with no aircon, the bedsheets remain cooling.
CS was also helpful and prompt with my inquires!
Looking forward to more designs/colors/restock!


Love the material! Hopefully it can help my family members sleep better in this weather!

So comfortable!!

These bedsheets are SO SOFT and smooth!! And they're so pretty!

Thank you for the sample..the material feel soft and i will try the full products..

Awesome bedsheets

Very cooling and smooth bedsheets! Super comfy! Hope the quilt cover comes back in stock.

Awesome bedsheet!

Very comfortable and so cooling. My sleep times has just got better and woke up with a more positive mood.

Sample Review

Sample arrived really fast and the material feels soft, thin and airy! Feels cooler than regular fabrics, looking forward to purchasing a set soon :)

Super soft and comfy!

Love this sleep mask and it’s helped me have better sleep by blocking out the light. Highly recommend!

Great packaging with great sheets

Love how compact the packaging was. Bedsheets was extremely cooling and comfortable.

Soft silky cooling sheet!

My family all loved the feel of the sample sheet! We are waited with bated breath for stocks to come in again! Can’t wait to sleep on these sheets! :)

Cosy and comfortable

Great sheets! Feels cooling, really cosy and comfortable. Highly recommend.


Thanks for the sample; will try to full product & provide a review

Free sample

Feels smooth and nice. Can't wait to order the product.

Great pillow case

The pillow case is fantastic, great material, very comfy.

Smooth cooling awesome

My very good friend got these bedsheets for me and my parents. I never cared about quality bedsheets so i was very pleasantly shocked when i first lay on my new gift. In fact when i open the package to wash the sheets, i already noticed the smoothness and coolness. Awesome sheets, so awesome i had to get another set myself. And i thought the after sale customer service was really absolutely warm and personalised. Thanks for making cooling smooth sheets affordable!