Iced Weighted Blanket

SGD 189.00
Are you someone who tends to feel warm and restless during the night? Fret not! Say goodbye to those sleepless, sweaty nights by getting your hands on our iced cooling weighted blanket. The gentle pressure of weighted blanket is thoughtfully crafted to minimize tossing and turning, and the warm, affectionate hug of the weighted blanket triggers your body to naturally unleash the powerful duo of serotonin and melatonin, working harmoniously to expedite your journey to sleep and ensure you enjoy restful, uninterrupted slumber.
Care Instructions
Iced Weighted Blanket - Bedtribe
Iced Weighted Blanket - Bedtribe
Iced Weighted Blanket - Bedtribe
Iced Weighted Blanket - Bedtribe
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100 OEKO-TEX certified

Iced Weighted Blanket

Engineered for a perfect night's rest.

Super Cooling and Incredibly Soft
Evenly Distributed Glass Beads
High Durability

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